Random Questions: Products you wish they made..

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14 Jul 2010 10:01
So MrBigStuff came out with something half decent he once got a solid chocolate kitkat. The things dreams are made of.

Similar to the Kitkat would love to get a solid chocolate easter egg.

Also Muller fruit corners, never liked the fruit bit would be good if they made an original one with the whole thing just being the yoghurt.

What products have you always wished they made?
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14 Jul 2010 10:20
not a product, but i wish there was a place that existed which was a little bit like blockbusters, but instead of renting out DVD's and videos etc, they rented out books instead
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14 Jul 2010 10:23
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14 Jul 2010 10:30
Laughing out loud
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14 Jul 2010 10:37
Laughing out loud

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14 Jul 2010 14:16
^ Laughing out loud

Probably completely irrelevant to any of you..
But, make up wipes in small resealable packs of 2, to keep in your handbag/make up bag.

They come in packs of 40 odd and are too bulky to carry around with you, and you cant take them out to put them in your bag as they dry up..

Would be good, if you go out after work and you need to refreshen your make up, or if you stay over somewhere etc.
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14 Jul 2010 14:18
large creme eggs
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14 Jul 2010 18:10
Plugs that won't sit prong side up when discarded on the floor Evil Cry
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14 Jul 2010 18:19
Bit of a nerdy one but I wish there where digital camera lenses with aperture rings on them.

I love aperture rings, so much easier than having a click wheel on the body of a camera, more aesthetically pleasing as well and I haven't been able to find out why no digital camera lenses have them.
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14 Jul 2010 18:19
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14 Jul 2010 18:24
Jesus wrote: large creme eggs
yeah like easter egg size and you got kitkats chunkys to dip in. boom.
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14 Jul 2010 18:35
I nearly posted this morning how much your writing had improved! Laughing out loud
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14 Jul 2010 19:05
abounh castls,as stanard for all.
ordinsiry house,seumme houses, castls, mossques, hinu templues, put onr at the wailing wall and near grounnd xero
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22 Jul 2010 12:43
Paneled jeans that aren't horrible. Ones like Undercover, rather than G-star and all that nonsense.
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27 Nov 2014 18:03
Just thought of a good bus idea. You should be able to attach yourself to a bus using a tfl app. then people can see when your arriving etc. my dad is somewhere on the 55 and no idea when he'll be arriving. Other good uses, girls travelling home alone can check onto the bus and check off so people can see where they are on the way home.
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27 Nov 2014 18:04
can also use if want to get same bus as someone else but get on at later time. works for tubes also.
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27 Nov 2014 18:06
the "Find Friends" iPhone app allows you to see where your friends are on a map, how far away they are from something etc
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posted 27 Nov 2014 18:51, edited 27 Nov 2014 18:51
Alarm clock pillow and a machine that can help you recall dreams
Mike Hunt
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27 Nov 2014 19:01
A virgin or sky box that records without the adverts.
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27 Nov 2014 19:39
^This. The fact you choose to pay for the service (not like a compulsory tv license) means you should have that option imho.