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18 Feb 2021 14:24
sounds a nightmare
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18 Feb 2021 14:45
Have you double checked they didn't use inches to your centimetres?
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18 Feb 2021 14:54
Could always get in Stoney to take a look, see if he can uncover the missing 50 square foot.
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18 Feb 2021 16:31
The last 3 pages in this thread just go to show that it doesn’t matter if you buy an old house or a new build, it’s all a fucking nightmare!

Hope you get it sorted
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18 Feb 2021 17:02
Was there some kind of clause in the original drawings or info that you got that allowed for some level of deviation ?
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18 Feb 2021 18:25
@ Darko. You’ve said several things that would make me run the fuck away. Mainly the pressure to exchange and then the seller refusing access.

Don’t tell them you’re willing to walk away, tell them you ARE walking away and watch their attitude change.

You can’t let yourself be pressured into parting with £250K.
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posted 18 Feb 2021 18:33, edited 18 Feb 2021 18:33
As others have said in this thread, you hold the power in this negotiation - the seller clearly wants this to be finished ASAP; and you have found issues with the house that you're not happy with, therefore she will have to meet your demands or fuck off.

You certainly don't want to be paying over the odds for a house; especially given that house prices are so high at the moment.

I'm unsure about saying 'You are' as you've closed the negotation - Wouldn't it better to put across that there's a possibility that you will walk away?!
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18 Feb 2021 18:50
Worth thinking about the balance of power re stamp duty ending? Are the developers re-pricing things based on buyers starting process now not benefiting from this yet (sometimes they offer to pay this anyway)?

Should always be prepared to walk away, but if you have sunk costs of a few k + perhaps paying 1k a month rent currently, starting from scratch will cost you in that sense. Won't benefit from stamp duty cut as a buyer unless it's extended, and this may just be for transactions in progress.

The difference in sq/ft seems a clear grounds to negotiate unless they can explain - of course estate agent details on this are bollocks but seems different when dealing with the housebuilder.
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18 Feb 2021 19:34
Pm me the details. I can help
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18 Feb 2021 21:47
swede wrote: Eek what homebuilder is that? compo face on and go to the papers for sure
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18 Feb 2021 23:54
went for an interview years ago Laughing out loud
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posted 18 Feb 2021 23:57, edited 18 Feb 2021 23:57
I wouldn't call them a housebuilder, they're more of a SME developer. Depending on detailed design/tendering process, I'm not overly surprised by this kind of thing. There will be tolerances in your contract, but at the very least you should save the pro-rated £psf, and I'd push for more if it's having significant impact on room quality/usability.

edit: just went back to look at the dimensions you mentioned. Pro-rated savings wont touch the sides (unlike your arms).
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19 Feb 2021 00:00
Sneakysbest wrote: Sounds like an absolute nightmare.

It also sound like these two women you’re dealing with are going to end up dying in this house. Something else will come up.
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19 Feb 2021 08:02
R wrote: Pro-rated savings wont touch the sides (unlike your arms).

Laughing out loud Cry
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posted 24 Feb 2021 17:05, edited 24 Feb 2021 17:05
Purchase fell through today, we needed at least £12k knocking off the purchase price to justify going through with it considering all of the work that needed doing.

Her final offer was £5k so we told her to get fucked and withdrew the offer, 3 days before the final exchange date.

£800 down the pan but probably better than buying a money pit house from a sociopathic old hag lol

Honestly the way that she’s conducted herself recently is baffling, it’ll just get relisted and the same will happen again. Fingers crossed we can warn the future buyers and get some money back from our survey and search pack

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24 Feb 2021 17:14
£800 is very little in the grand scheme of things. well done for walking away and not getting tied in emotionally
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24 Feb 2021 17:16
swede wrote: £800 is very little in the grand scheme of things. well done for walking away and not getting tied in emotionally

This. Something better lies in wait for sure.
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24 Feb 2021 17:32
chinaski wrote: having a real nightmare with this… went for my 'snagging appointment' two weeks ago to find out the property didn't match the floor plan along with the issues below. still haven't had a response from the developer, neither has the agent and i have already exchanged… can anyone think of the likely outcome or advice?

- Living room measurements are 40cm shorter (width) than the floor plan.

- Second bedroom is 30cm shorter (width) and 20cm shorter (length).

- Master bedroom is 10cm shorter (width) but correct length. I understand there may be flex on measurements as the flat is being built, but given that the bedroom is already an awkward layout in terms of the en suite and main doors opening inwards into the room, this impacts the size of the bed we have already purchased.

- Balcony is not as shown in the photos, there is a wall covering half of it so technically only half a balcony. To call this a ‘penthouse’ is very misleading to be honest.

- There was no radiator in the en-suite bathroom.

- All the images of bedrooms have floor to ceiling windows in the CGI, whereas our bedrooms have window sills which knock an important 30cm off rooms that are already coming up short.

chinaski wrote: Exchanged on my first flat just before Christmas. New build property with help to buy equity loan… since exchanging the complete date has been pushed back twice and developer is refusing to compensate or anything and resulting in my having to sort new living arrangements until it's finished… tempted to tell them i'm pulling out and seeing what they say but wondered if anyone's got any thoughts before i do..

Update on this?
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24 Feb 2021 18:09
Windows gone I today after living with a boarded up back of house is a great boost. Early stages of a bios are a drag. When you finally see some signs of tangible progress it’s good for the soul.

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24 Feb 2021 23:05
Looks proper Cool stoney

Had a lucky escape I think darko, it will have happened for a reason and you'll find something better.