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11 Mar 2021 08:10
Blofeld wrote: an old girlfriend had the only toilet downstairs. waking up after a night out was a nightmare. I would just piss out the bedroom window into the gutter. relationship didn't last.

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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11 Mar 2021 08:44
Ocin wrote: We've quite recently installed a Google Nest bell and thermostat, Rangemaster oven, electric car charger as well as blinds etc. There are also some plants that I put in last summer I'd like to take with me. Is this all par for the course, as long as I replace the bell etc?

"Moveable" things like an oven or blinds should be specifically included or excluded in the particulars. Wired in things like a thermostat, bell and car charger one would expect to be included unless specifically excluded in the particulars.

I don't think you can remove plants from the garden unless they were explicitly excluded. Laughing out loud
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11 Mar 2021 09:24
Ultimately you will need to be clear and agree. Who knows, maybe they have an oven they wanted to bring? Oven, blinds or plants which aren't potted would typically be expected and they will usually negotiate a reduction in price if they are not on the particulars.
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11 Mar 2021 11:02
Thanks both, really helpful
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posted 11 Mar 2021 11:05, edited 11 Mar 2021 11:05
swede wrote:
illwill wrote:
Rez wrote: Is the bathroom at the back of the rear kitchen extension?

No, it's pretty central in the house. A minor inconvenience really but will be important for some people.

that is actually marginally better… I could probably live with that. the only houses i have been to with 1x bathroom have had it at the rear of a kitchen extension (victorian terrace)

1x bathroom is a bit crap if you have mates staying for a weekend or whatever. mission for everyone to have a shower/go for a poo etc. before leaving the house

converting my downstairs toilet into a shower room for this exact reason , currently it's an absolute unit for just a toilet and a sink (about 2.5m x2m), think it'll add value.
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posted 11 Mar 2021 12:09, edited 11 Mar 2021 12:09
On the downstairs toilet conundrum - I'd say don't buy unless the house has been suitably devalued because of it, as if you are having serious thoughts future buyers will too. We currently have one toilet and a separate shower bath (both upstairs) and it causes issues.

Imagine hosting a dinner party, one guest suddenly gets the runs due to bad oysters, and is forced into audibly destroying the only trap in the house, leaving the smell of steaming turd wafting out during your main course.

Slightly away from this topic -

What are your go to magazines/websites for interior design inspo? Currently trawling through The Modern House and AD, but could do with a few more. We're buying a new build, but I want to keep my mid-mod furniture - DSW chairs, USM haller sideboard etc. Finding it hard with a happy medium between the two.
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11 Mar 2021 13:29
nathalie de boel
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13 Mar 2021 16:17
Now looking for solicitor recommendations on this as they are taking the piss. Developer acknowledges EVERY room is smaller than the agreed floorplan but says "In terms of the size discrepancy the flat has been professionally measured by a RICS certified property measurer and the GIA is only 2.23% smaller than the marketing plans which is well within the tolerance."

It's the fact that EVERY room is smaller by 20-40cm and it looks like they've made the hallway wider than the floorplan, great… my bed will fit nicely in the hallway.

I've asked for a reduction on the property, they said no. Right now I would get out of it if i didn't have to take a hit on all the legals.

joeyjojo wrote:
chinaski wrote: having a real nightmare with this… went for my 'snagging appointment' two weeks ago to find out the property didn't match the floor plan along with the issues below. still haven't had a response from the developer, neither has the agent and i have already exchanged… can anyone think of the likely outcome or advice?

- Living room measurements are 40cm shorter (width) than the floor plan.

- Second bedroom is 30cm shorter (width) and 20cm shorter (length).

- Master bedroom is 10cm shorter (width) but correct length. I understand there may be flex on measurements as the flat is being built, but given that the bedroom is already an awkward layout in terms of the en suite and main doors opening inwards into the room, this impacts the size of the bed we have already purchased.

- Balcony is not as shown in the photos, there is a wall covering half of it so technically only half a balcony. To call this a ‘penthouse’ is very misleading to be honest.

- There was no radiator in the en-suite bathroom.

- All the images of bedrooms have floor to ceiling windows in the CGI, whereas our bedrooms have window sills which knock an important 30cm off rooms that are already coming up short.

chinaski wrote: Exchanged on my first flat just before Christmas. New build property with help to buy equity loan… since exchanging the complete date has been pushed back twice and developer is refusing to compensate or anything and resulting in my having to sort new living arrangements until it's finished… tempted to tell them i'm pulling out and seeing what they say but wondered if anyone's got any thoughts before i do..

Update on this?
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posted 13 Mar 2021 16:30, edited 13 Mar 2021 16:30
they've got your balls in a vice mate. you're gonna have to walk or suck it up. i don't think a solicitor can do much for you in this instance
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posted 13 Mar 2021 16:50, edited 13 Mar 2021 16:50
As Swede said, you've got two options; you really don't want to spend any more cash on this.

Ask yourself if it's really worth going ahead with given the list of issues - have a quick glance at the market (and recently sold) to see if you can get the same/better at the amount you offered this one.

Shame about the possible sunk costs though, it is disheartening spending money for 'nothing'.

I had a property fall through beginning of the year, luckily I only paid a £500 deposit to the solicitor; the only work they did was an environmental eport, which they said cost £230… then they had a £270 cancellation fee(?!). Roll Eyes
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13 Mar 2021 17:11
sounds like getting any snagging done with those cowboys will be a nightmare too Laughing out loud
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posted 13 Mar 2021 17:13, edited 13 Mar 2021 17:13
I think Chinaski has already exchanged, so walking away might be quite costly.

As you say, your cheapest potential exit option would be to get their tolerance point verified independently by whatever relevant expert, in terms of the measurements themselves and the legal basis of it not being a material issue.

Edit: By their logic could they not have fucked off internal walls entirely and just given you a giant box. Laughing out loud
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13 Mar 2021 17:40
3-400mm tolerance is crazy. I’m a house builder and work to +/-10mm. Seems like somethings off, I haven’t ever bought a new build so haven’t been at that end.. do they offer you construction drawings for what you’re buying? There may have been revisions between what you’re buying and what’s been constructed, might be worth exploring and picking it apart from there if that is the case? Just a thought..
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13 Mar 2021 17:43
oh shit didn't realise he had already exchanged. that is tough. ignore my previous comments… can't your solicitor do anything at all for you?
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13 Mar 2021 17:56
Ah my bad, also didn't realise you had already exchanged man. Morals and ethics don't seem to be part of modern developers vocab these days, so I can't imagine that they will provide a reduction without a bit of push back.

But given the 'significant' difference to what you initially agreed upon, surely you've got a legal leg to stand on, no?!
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13 Mar 2021 17:57
I’m allowed a 5% tolerance on my measurements. The almost always come in smaller the estate agents measurements. They are often creative with what they include within a floor area often including separated garages, conservatories, loft rooms and eaves store
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14 Mar 2021 06:24
Stoney - Is that tolerance on the building as a whole or on a room by room basis?

5% is pretty generous if on the building as a whole.

No expert on any of this mind!
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14 Mar 2021 07:28
Total floor area. This is the guidelines for measuring. Can’t find the ref to 5%.
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14 Mar 2021 07:31
Mentions 10% on page 2 Jawdropping!
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14 Mar 2021 08:42
Threaten that you’ll go to the local papers/moneysavingexpert and drag their name through the mud if it isn’t sorted out