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3 May 2012 14:42
need to make a folder called VIDEO then put the files in that.

it's easy though. can watch avi and stuff. your tv not got usb slot on it?
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3 May 2012 14:44
MoB wrote: How easy/hard is it to watch films on a ps3 that i have on a usb? They're in MP4 format which i think is the right format?

piece of piss

just put them into a folder on the usb instead of directly onto the usb because i think on the menu it picks up folders and then the files in that folder, but won't pick up the files if you go on display all.
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3 May 2012 14:44
press triangle on the usb drive and click 'see all'
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3 May 2012 14:45
Piece of piss - just make a folder on the usb called 'videos' and chuck 'em in there. I use a 250gb external hard drive purely for films on the PS3 and it works a treat - immediately recognises them when you scroll to the right menu.
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3 May 2012 14:46
Epic cheers!
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3 May 2012 15:32
I think the mem vcard has to be formatted in a particular format FAT maybe?
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3 May 2012 19:01
Any new DNS settings for US Netflix ?
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14 May 2012 12:18
bit random but just been given a ps2 and the games are dirt cheap here (2 quid).. anyone have any recommendations..? got pro evo 2011, tekken 5, nba 2011 and need for speed something.. wouldnt mind some good multiplayer driving games and stuff
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14 May 2012 12:24
GTA Vice City/San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, trying to think of my favourite PS2 games but there all that are coming to mind at the mintue
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14 May 2012 14:08
Soul calibur 2
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14 May 2012 14:08
Road rash
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6 Jul 2012 23:31
I downloaded the 1st map pack for MW3 but now I can only play the original maps unless I "download all DLC available". Do I have to download the 2nd pack for £11 just to play the 1st pack I paid for already!?

Edit - as usual a patch fucked it
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13 Nov 2012 10:49
Anyone got Black Ops II? Thought the trailer made it look shit, more of a kids game (awaits owning PS3 = Nan kid comment)
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13 Nov 2012 10:50
Fuck the haters, going to pick mine up later (xbox doe)
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13 Nov 2012 10:55
I reckon I'll get it this week.
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13 Nov 2012 19:32
Wrong thread
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19 Nov 2012 15:45
anyone play fifa 13 ultimate team?
doing my fucking head in! was doing alright last week but recently just keep losing.
dunno if getting better players means i'm playing against better people. fucking wank!
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19 Nov 2012 16:03
I'm on UT, some times my team plays well then next game there sluggish, lost count how many times I've sold a team in anger!
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19 Nov 2012 16:04
add me on jamieeimaj if anyone fancies some online chaos on MW3 or Black Ops 2
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19 Nov 2012 16:10
Got assassins creed 3, fucking awful game.

They forgot to make it fun.

It's also a buggy mess.

Completely lost sight of what was good about the last few games.