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31 Jul 2018 11:34
I produce a magazine for a client and in their next issue they want to do an article on denim, and in particular how it develops a patina etc.

Are there any blogs/articles/sites that anyone has seen that deal with famous peoples denim? Looking for musicians, artists designers talking about their denim or stories of rockstars never taking their jeans off etc.

Any interesting denim based blogs etc will help.
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31 Jul 2018 14:33

probably (one of) the best denim blogs
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28 Aug 2018 07:24
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28 Aug 2018 18:18
^ interesting, has anyone tried it/signed up for it? Few people on twitter have received the spotty suit already
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28 Aug 2018 20:39
I'm not sure what they mean about perfect fit. Especially concerning the t-shirt. It's all in the eye of the beholder - I like my tees away from my body, another man likes a tight one.
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30 Aug 2018 15:46
I've given it a go…
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30 Aug 2018 16:03
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30 Aug 2018 22:30
It might record your exact shape but how many measurement points / variations will the factory in China be able to do though?
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posted 16 Sep 2018 15:57, edited 16 Sep 2018 15:57
Missus received her Zozosuit the other day (mine arrives tomorrow). You put the suit on, put your phone on the cardboard stand they provide you, the app takes a 360 degree image of you (you have to slowly turn clockwise), once completed you submit your measurements via the app. It's all an easy and straightforward process. There's a 4-5 week delivery time, but it's a decent freebie considering a t-shirt and jeans would have ordinarily cost €84.95 including shipping. Even if the fit/quality ends up to be off, you still have a a t-shirt and jeans to bum around in.
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16 Sep 2018 17:21
I received my suit the other day, haven't tried it yet! Tbh I would wear the T-Shirt if the fits good, the jeans aren't looking too great, probably should have signed up for the mrs instead
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17 Sep 2018 06:30
Interested to hear how you guys get on!
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17 Sep 2018 07:26
cpl of nice shorts on craft-making in Japan

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17 Sep 2018 13:45
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15 Feb 2019 11:37
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15 Feb 2019 13:28
Spot on for me, chasies and bap seem to be the most obvious giveaways.
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23 Feb 2019 09:42