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9 Nov 2017 13:55
figurine wrote:
MLI wrote: I still think Two and Half Men was funny.
Brad pls, just ban him.

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21 Dec 2017 11:54
Didn't know what thread to post this in, but had to post it, nice look De Niro Laughing out loud

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21 Dec 2017 11:59
Bought the shoes from snaye I think.
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21 Dec 2017 12:23
figurine wrote: Bought the shoes from snaye I think.

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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21 Dec 2017 12:25
Laughing out loud ouch
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21 Dec 2017 13:00
Laughing out loud
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21 Dec 2017 15:22
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3 Jan 2018 00:29
YLAup wrote: Hmmm, dodge beard, Afghanistan, bit of a nutter and formerly married to an extremist and sister of someone in Guantanamo bay. Hmmm.
JustinCredible wrote: Takes the pregnant missus backpacking in Afghanistan…

C-Stylez wrote: his bird must have got passed around more than the shisha

Feels good to be right
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15 Feb 2018 14:04