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posted 17 Nov 2016 22:47, edited 17 Nov 2016 22:47
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17 Nov 2016 22:52
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17 Nov 2016 23:14 music torrent tracker seemingly gone for good Sad
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24 Nov 2016 20:21

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29 Nov 2016 11:30
Eric Bristow what a fucking moron. On a par with Big Sam.
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29 Nov 2016 12:39
Had to google…what a fucking clown! having these opinions is one thing..but why the fuck do they tweet it
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29 Nov 2016 13:21
bill wrote: Eric Bristow what a fucking moron. On a par with Big Sam.

Feel sorry for him, lost his Sky gig cos of it. If you work for somebody, best not to use twitter.
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29 Nov 2016 15:43
Don't feel sorry for him. It's simple common sense to not use social media to air views that could cost you your job when you work on TV. If anything be happy that such a platform helps rid us of these types of idiots.

He should keep his MBE though. Can imagine Prince Phillip telling the Queen that "all poofs are peados" is just banter.
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30 Nov 2016 00:18
He must have made £s back in the 90s with all those darts endorsements.
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30 Nov 2016 03:40
Over 50s shouldn't be allowed on social media