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8 Jan 2020 18:38
The US do love fucking with planes. Steel beams and all that.
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posted 8 Jan 2020 18:52, edited 8 Jan 2020 18:52
morning mist wrote: That was basically the only plausible scenario, anything else would have been suicide. So, congratulations?

The plane could also have been shot down by the US by mistake.

No congratulations - but the fact that most people were losing their shit and proclaiming the start of a war says it all. And someone on here said that shit was going to hit the fan.

And the US shot down a plane the day Iran were launching missiles? Hmmm interesting. And also why would Tehran refuse to release the black box?

How embarrassing that would be for the regime.
morning mist
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8 Jan 2020 18:58
They have done it before, in 1988. Not that I think that is what happened, Iran would be really fukcing quick in pointing finger if that was the case.
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8 Jan 2020 20:56
When reading the news about it this morning it was quite clear to me that the plane had been shot down by mistake by Iranians. Having then later seen the photos of the wreckage and it looking eerily similar to the one that went down over Ukraine when a war was on it became almost crystal clear. Now I hear the black box isn't going to be handed over after declaring the plane suffered a malfunction.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories biut when you also have video evidence of the plane falling out of the sky already on fire, it's not hard to work out.
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8 Jan 2020 21:01
Also I've just tuned into sky news at 9pm to get an update on this crisis and the headline is all about Harry and Meghan not wanting to shake hands with people in front of cameras for the foreseeable future. What the actual fuck? Laughing out loud
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posted 8 Jan 2020 21:02, edited 8 Jan 2020 21:02
Quick to blame it on a faulty / blown engine weren't they and conveniently refusing to hand over the black box also, if this was the case the pilot would shut down that engine and stop fuel flow to it and could easily fly on the one engine and turn around for an emergency landing at the airport, definitely more to this than meets the eye. Also the plane was only 4 years old so more or less new and had been fully checked only a few days prior
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8 Jan 2020 21:20
fudge.dredd wrote:
fudge.dredd wrote: Iran will (if anything) fire a few non-rockets, zero deaths, and they’ll lie on their state television that they’ve killed some Americans and chant their favourite “death to America” to save face.

This sounds about right then I think - apart from them possibly shooting down that Ukrainian plane and killing some of their own… Puzzled

Apparently they're broadcasting on Iranian Mehr news that they've killed 80 American soldiers, lying twats Laughing out loud

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posted 8 Jan 2020 21:28, edited 8 Jan 2020 21:28
MLI wrote: Yep, Iranian ADA on high alert for American planes, accidently locks on to a commercial plane, plausible.

nailed it

Iran is a joke. So funny.

America, fuck yeah Cool

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posted 9 Jan 2020 20:42, edited 9 Jan 2020 20:42
Well there's your evidence, clear as day it was shot down by a missile, why the Iranians were so quick to blame it on a technical fault is shocking and now they're denying it was a missile…
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10 Jan 2020 07:08
What do people think happened with Carlos ghosn? First thoughts were he's a dodgy berlusconi looking slimeball but reading about Japan's history of prosecution of foreign national I can understand why he'd want to escape.
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10 Jan 2020 10:13
Best news in a long time.
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10 Jan 2020 10:15
Best short those zip stocks
Mr.X. wrote: Best news in a long time.
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posted 10 Jan 2020 22:01, edited 10 Jan 2020 22:01
The man is telling me meat is "unsustainable". Why and how? I see plenty of it for reasonable prices. Then the man says it's not healthy. I say I eat it everyday and I'm a lot healthier than most pot bellied flatulant veggos who can't lift a steak. So he says anyway I have to eat "plant based" meat in the future. Why? I don't get it? Apparantly my governments science organisation is helping private companies develop this shit.

Something tells me it's actually just more Marxist bullshit where everything normal has to be destroyed and cows have to have equal rights to humans or some such shit.

Edit, just found proof:

"these plant-based meats are about equal in calories and saturated fat, and higher in carbs and sodium"

So cue more fat veggos with heart disease because they didn't eat lean meat like me.

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posted 14 Jan 2020 21:59, edited 14 Jan 2020 21:59
Read this and I thought of Milspex:

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7 Feb 2020 10:43
Office started murmuring this morning - Me thinking Virus has gone full OUTBREAK….nope

fuckin schofield!!!
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7 Feb 2020 10:56
Next you'll be telling me Andy Peters is gay
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7 Feb 2020 11:11
Sky News sent out a fucking Breaking News alert for it
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7 Feb 2020 11:18
krisricey wrote: Sky News sent out a fucking Breaking News alert for it

Yeah, bit over the top
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7 Feb 2020 11:33
breaking news!? Laughing out loud
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posted 7 Feb 2020 12:09, edited 7 Feb 2020 12:09
Nevermind the dude with the Coronavirus, this is world news.