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El Bongo
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29 Aug 2015 08:22
Hi all, I'm after some raw denim jeans - any recommendations in terms of brands or shops?
I like slim fit, not skinny ones. If there's something out there with a bit of stretch that would suit me.
I'm in Manchester city centre

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posted 29 Aug 2015 09:11, edited 29 Aug 2015 09:11
Just head to Oi Polloi and ask the chaps in there. They'll have plenty of APC/LVC/Edwin/Nudie in stock and a number of the more exotic brands.
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29 Aug 2015 09:38
most raw denim will stretch with wear, which is I presume what you mean? Not topman style stretch denim? Try a new standard if you're not after skinny. They will stretch out in the waist so usually best to go a size down initially.

As above oi polloi will be your best bet
El Bongo
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29 Aug 2015 19:45
Thanks illwill, went into Selfridges and 7 for all man kind and non of them had a clue what raw denim was.
I'll be over at Oi Polloi tomorrow - never heard of it before but looks decent from the website.
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29 Aug 2015 20:33
The guys in Carnaby store are sound. I'd also look into the Petit Standard Stretch in the apc store round the corner and size accordingly for fit. Worth a look if only to speak to the insanely gorgeous french girl working there.