Random Questions: Recommend me some documentaries

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18 Dec 2014 10:17
still stand by King of Kong being one of the best

watched west of memphis, pretty good
also chasing madoff- alright
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18 Dec 2014 12:55
Jesus Camp.

Do not watch if scared of freaky jesus kids.
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21 Dec 2014 14:15
When Comedy Went To School - Very interesting subject matter, poor documentary. Missed a trick not having some of the younger comedians on there, especially Jeffrey Ross, who was mates with a lot of old comedians and has some great stories about the catskills. 5/10

Alone In The Wilderness - Very good, would love to have the skills this guy has. Would be a good way to live for a week or 2 to unwind, but madness how long he was out there for. Ended a bit too abruptly. 7/10
carl lewis
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21 Dec 2014 14:44
Made in America if you like Jay Z
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22 Dec 2014 09:06
Also, Exit Through The Giftshop is an awesome documentary by graffiti artist Banksy which is funny as hell.
carl lewis
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28 Dec 2014 10:42
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28 Dec 2014 11:34
Just watched this…

Pretty good watch with some cracking soundbites. True to form, John Fashanu comes across as a right egotistical bell end.
Mike Hunt
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28 Dec 2014 11:46
Who lied all the way through it. Evil
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28 Dec 2014 12:28
Him and Jones telling porkies all the way according to terry gibson
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posted 30 Dec 2014 17:04, edited 30 Dec 2014 17:04
This is worth a watch on BBC iPlayer



For two generations the Dunlop family from Northern Ireland has dominated motorcycle road racing. Narrated by Liam Neeson, this documentary is the dramatic, tragic and inspirational story of two sets of Dunlop brothers - Joey and Robert, William and Michael. Brothers united by success, and united by loss.


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2 Jan 2015 14:47
Looking forward to this

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2 Jan 2015 17:58
The Cruise - Very interesting bloke. He looks like hes an actor with a fake nose though. Nice footage of NY before 9/11.

Party Monster The Shockumentary - Loathed the scummy cunts in this but a decent docu.
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12 Jan 2015 11:28
Next goal wins is worth a watch
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20 Jan 2015 16:20
Can someone PM me torrent links to either/both of the footie documentaries. Cheers
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20 Jan 2015 16:35
anyone seen Virunga? looks decent
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20 Jan 2015 18:40
is there a torrent for All This Mayhem?
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20 Jan 2015 23:25
blackham wrote: anyone seen Virunga? looks decent

Just saw this, well worth a watch. Available on Netflix.
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21 Jan 2015 03:02
Operation Desert Storm: Desert Victory is a good one I recently rewatched for the 17th time:

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21 Jan 2015 19:31
Citizenfour torrent just dropped
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22 Jan 2015 13:10
Citizenfour is really good. Thought it was just gonna be about the whole snowden thing, didn't realise it was actually snowden on camera taking part etc