Random Questions: Recommend me some documentaries

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posted 9 Jun 2020 22:00, edited 9 Jun 2020 22:00
I hope there’s some behind the scenes footage of Brad Pitt battering him.

Anyone watching the Falconio doc on Chanel 4?
That Joanne Lees is deffo involved. Guilty as fuck.

I’m sure Mil has some Aussie POV on it.
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10 Jun 2020 08:40
Falconio doc is bordering on boring.

Nothings happened in 2 hours. Could easily have edited this down By half already.

I’m having a good laugh at the Aussie colloquialisms which are passed off as formal language in an investigation.
‘I didn’t know him from a bar of fucking soap’

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10 Jun 2020 08:57
Agree it’s drawn out. One two hour condensed doc would’ve been better. They’re regurgitating facts all the time.

Just tell me that scheming bitch did it. She’s dodgy as fuck.

Whoever did it, where are all the footprints? Very odd.
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10 Jun 2020 09:11
Maybe it's been mentioned before, but recently watched 'Hail, Satan' with very little expectation. Turned out to be a lot of fun. Well worth a watch.

Also, always shouting out PressPausePlay. Nearly 10 years old now but an interesting exploration of the tensions between creativity and technology
Full film is free on Vimeo

(Warning: contains Moby)
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26 Jun 2020 07:27
This on Prime last night - athletic ability completely off the charts. I know sod all about Parkour so watched a couple of their YouTube vids beforehand, really interesting to see how they find a spot, formulate a line and the work that goes in before the filming takes place…
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26 Jun 2020 19:35

Wu Tang documentary is being shown on Sky Documentary channel
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27 Jun 2020 06:02
downloaded that a while back ^^ was so so good.
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29 Jun 2020 14:20

this docu about william klein is pretty good, you don't need to be interested in photography to enjoy it
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29 Jun 2020 21:51
^ really enjoyed that. God I miss the Tate Modern
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22 Jul 2020 20:00
Once Upon a Time in Iraq


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22 Jul 2020 20:40
Beardy Marine Is far out
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25 Jul 2020 22:11
^What's that then?

Finally watching the Bulls docu series. Fuckin hell is it giving me craving for a cigar..
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27 Jul 2020 13:15
Oops in the post above mine - Once upin a time in Iraq - there was a Crazy Marine with a large beard! Smiling
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27 Jul 2020 13:30
Hahaha, okay I'll have a butcher's at it!