Menswear: The 'Rough And Rugged' Thread.

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4 Feb 2022 11:36
Cheers for this. Want to get a good fade on mine and reduce the sheen but need to avoid the lines you get from stuff in the machine.
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4 Feb 2022 12:02
From RM UK when I asked as it said dry clean only… Havent had a problem washing mine in the machine.

You can wash the M-65 jacket with confidence, we've experiment washing the jacket many times ourselves. If you need just to give it a freshen up, i can suggest to hand-wash in bath or a gentle cycle in the washing machine and hang dry.
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4 Feb 2022 12:07
So sure the measurements on the website used to say it would shrink an inch in length.
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4 Feb 2022 14:33
Mine lost literally next to no size all over so unless your sticking it at 90 degrees I can’t see it.

@hanto - just wear the shit out of it and the sheen will go. Washing didn’t do much for the sheen on mine but wearing did.
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4 Feb 2022 15:08
Aye a usually wear mine in the absolute pishing rain going a walk or to the shops gets the sheen away
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4 Feb 2022 17:16
The real mccoys m65, is lovely washed a couple of times. There was one in the old shop, washed pretty hard with the waist band and bottom band tied tight. Looked great
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13 Apr 2022 18:51
Anyone want this jacket? £65 I have too many similar jackets. Quality up there with real mccoys.

“ jacket from waste twice Japan, a great brand form Japan making super high quality pieces. Based on the classic Eddie Bauer skyliner jacket featuring a khaki cotton blend outer fabric made by the British millerian company. Wool cuffs and collar. Waldes Japan brass zipper”

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13 Apr 2022 18:55
I hope someone takes you up on that, great brand and nice jacket
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14 Apr 2022 14:31
Love that - whats the chest / sizing?
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14 Apr 2022 14:35
Tagged size 40. Measuring tape on chest on the photos.