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30 Oct 2019 11:29
RM tracker starting WM….anyone know if this is 1st/2nd ? signed for Recorded?
Jake Unkutt
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20 Dec 2019 13:53
Been waiting in all morning for a package, saying it's been delivered … nothing through the door and no slip. not even had a shower yet ffs as didn't wanna miss it

Anyone know what this means?

1:33pm - Delivery Scan Recorded at Customer Service Point

Status is Delivered

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20 Dec 2019 14:06
Is it coming from abroad? Had something similar once with a parcel from France, put the tracking number in to one of those universal tracking sites and it said 'delivered to a local post office'. Had to call RM to find out exactly where.
Jake Unkutt
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posted 20 Dec 2019 14:16, edited 20 Dec 2019 14:16
bumped into the postwoman doing letters by chance outside just now and she called her manager,,they said it's coming tomorrow as they couldn't manage all the parcels today
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20 Dec 2019 14:22
Jake Unkutt wrote: by chance

not sure that would stand up in court imo
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20 Dec 2019 17:29
Laughing out loud