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carl lewis
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17 Dec 2012 12:10
Double D
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17 Dec 2012 12:18
Mandem fest 2012.
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21 Jan 2013 13:35
A Bathing Ape Sample Sale
Bape Store London
26th Jan – 3rd Feb
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1 Feb 2013 02:28
Aubin & Wills Sample Sale

1-2nd Feb 10:30am – 7:30pm

64-66 Redchurch Street
E2 7DP
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1 Feb 2013 09:36
^ Haven't they closed down already! Sick!
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1 Feb 2013 12:56
yeah, their store at that address is closing so they're selling the stock away!
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1 Feb 2013 13:57
I liked the fox intarsia jumper until I held it in my hand… nasty fabric! Bought pyjamas from them once lasted a good bye good riddance afaic!
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15 Feb 2013 15:28
My-wardrobe sample sale

Past season stock from online retailer at sample sale prices

27 February 12pm–8pm, and 28 February 9am–6pm

The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, London W1
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22 Feb 2013 11:36
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22 Feb 2013 14:48

22nd-24th Feb
carl lewis
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1 Mar 2013 08:15
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8 Mar 2013 14:12
Just went down to the Garbstore sample sale – pretty naff I thought.

Garbstore sample bits one side of the room – light jackets 75, heavy jackets 100, shirts 45, trousers, 45, knits 35.
Billionaire boys club and Beeline bits on the other side (didn’t clock exact prices but pricier than the above, think trousers were around 70, with Beeline even more expensive)
Hardly any shoes, few unwearable garbstore bits in big sizes (11&12)
Tons of pretty naff trainers at the back for 30. Didn’t clock the brand but wasn’t one I was aware of, mixture of Garbstore and something else.
Some garbstore and rittenhouse tees for 10, long sleeves for 20 – though sizes were mostly small.
There’s about 5 CDG, Bedwin and Driers Van Noten items at the front on a rail, coats and knits mainly – few things I saw were 150/200 each.

Even with the daily restocks I wouldn’t really go. Some nice garbstore Christmas knits but just a rail of them that was being quickly rinsed, shirts were ok..nothing great..clearly marked as sample items. not worth a punt at 45 IMO.

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13 Mar 2013 18:47
I went to the Garbstore sale on the Sunday and the billionaire boys club was decently priced but without that much selection. Being the last day the Gourmet shoes were down to £20 or less a pair which for Gourmet is unbelievably cheap. Also the aNYthing tees and caps were extremely cheap at £5 each! Jawdropping!
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13 Mar 2013 18:55
it's wednesday today !
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16 Mar 2013 10:39
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21 Mar 2013 14:39
has anyone been to that margaret howell sale? Is it worth going to?
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21 Mar 2013 16:39
Wouldnt go out of your way to go to it, but worth a look if your nearby sometimes
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21 Mar 2013 18:32
Popped into MHL today, better than it's been for quite a while. Loads of trousers, around the £65 mark, and blazer/suit jackets. Quite a few pieces of outerwear too. Not many shirts and hardly any knits. No polos or tees.
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21 Mar 2013 18:37
Sample Sale at Firmament Berlin tomorrow and saturday, not sure how it will turn out, will do some pick ups for Jimmy's, just pm me.
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1 Apr 2013 12:50
Antwerp Sample Sales coming again this month;

Raf Simons, Ann D, Haider Ackermann, Dries van Noten @ 24-28 April, Stephan Schneider one week earlier @ 18-20 April.

Will prob go to Dries/Raf/Ann D/Haider, if regular GJs need any hookups PM me.

Some other designers will have sample sale as well - whole overview (in Dutch) here:—stockverkopen-2013/