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28 May 2013 10:50
YMC, OLIVER SPENCER, FOLK sample sale is on again
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30 May 2013 11:20
Anyone know where the Millionhands sample sale is today?

Edit: It's at the Griffin, Leonard St, EC2A - 7PM
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1 Jun 2013 09:57

any good?
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1 Jun 2013 11:03
wblati wrote: YMC, OLIVER SPENCER, FOLK sample sale >

any good?


SHould have some free time later today so may pop down regardless and report back if weather doesnt get shittier
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1 Jun 2013 11:32
Wasn't bad but I'm not sure it was as good as the last one - seemed to be less stock in the folk area (the rails just went around the outside of the room). Plenty of early people came out with loads but I'm sure there will be restocks.
Some nice oliver spencer jackets and bombers from last A/W for £90. Couple of lightweight sand coloured engineered garments jackets snuck in there and a nice han kjobenhavn sweat if you are xl. YMC was really busy when I was there and I didn't have long so didn't get a great look round.
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1 Jun 2013 14:33
Yeah Folk/YMC isn't worth a look if you're a Medium/Large.
Just up the road there's a Pendleton sale this weekend at their showroom with some good stuff in, definitely worth a look.
Got a chore jacket and a plaid western shirt for cheap:
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6 Jun 2013 12:37
Acne sample sale in Copenhagen for any foreign fukers.

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6 Jun 2013 12:59
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6 Jun 2013 13:36
and for London fukers

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6 Jun 2013 21:42
Nowhere near as good as last year and far more people. Queue was 200-300 strong before opening at 12.

3 sections - Oliver Spencer, YMC and Folk.

Oliver Spencer - Personally I think OS is a load of shit, both in quality, design and price-point. Tons of stock at last years prices (shirts 3 for 90 I think, or 3 for 100). But personally I think you need to be off your rocker to buy OS.

YMC - Lots of stock, but just rammo. Prices seemed pretty fair (shirts 30, basic tees 10 each or 3 for 25), though personally think YMC has been off for a while now, don't get on with the ultra-loose fit.

Folk - Appeared to be mostly stock from last years sample sale, just not a lot there. Very few rails for sizes 2,3,4,5 and nothing really decent on them.

No Universal Works this time around.

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11 Jun 2013 23:18
Went to the Hoxton Street sample sale after work today.

Utter shit. Just awful.

Leftover stock from last sample sale at last sample sale prices - which personally I thought were way off point.

No Wings & Horns left, a few Reigning Champ hoodies and sweatshirts in, a few OnTour bits (looking at about £85 - £95 for a pair of trousers) - loads of Marlboro Classics bits (cheap looking shirts and jeans) and tons of TK Maxx-esque mega euro-trash bits from the Italian labels.

No markdowns, no haggling over prices.

Don't get this one and don't get where they're pulling the prices from. It's not a sample sale so much as dead stock at 30-50% off RRP. Avoid - feels like a con.
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12 Jun 2013 11:03
In case anyone is interested:


HERMES Sample Sale 2013
Up to 80% off RRP
Items on sale include gloves, shoes and many more leather goods.


Friday 14th June 2013 – 8.30am – 7pm
Saturday 15th June 2013 – 10am – 6pm


HERMES Sample Sale 2013
The Music Rooms
26 Molton Lane
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12 Jun 2013 11:24
Most ACNE retail stores are having 40% preview sales starting Friday, don't know if the London store is included or if you need an invite.
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15 Jul 2013 17:36
geller samples up on style forum
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12 Aug 2013 19:43
a number of names* sample sale (thursday 22-25 August)
Shop 13,
Old Trueman Brewery.

Nice number of gems here…worth a look.
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14 Aug 2013 17:18
a list of the brands from bawseshadz's post above.

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21 Aug 2013 02:33
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21 Aug 2013 11:34
Same thing mate
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23 Aug 2013 13:40
any news from the recent sample sales?
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26 Aug 2013 21:39
Any sample sales around London this Sunday or Monday