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25 Sep 2008 21:13
is there a four-marketing sample sale this year?
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25 Sep 2008 21:48
brodie wrote: Laughing out loud at notebook.
It starts tomorrow apparently

from the music room website:

Kilgour Saville Row: 7-9 Nov
Fantastic bespoke suits and ready to wear

Gieves and Hawkes 13-15 November
The best tailoring house in the UK

Winner. Cheers for this, will take some time of and pop down for a day or two
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25 Sep 2008 22:12
brodie wrote: did you notice sizes/prices on the suits stan? probably going tomorrow

colour coded prices Red being top price £120, other than 'A' graded stock which was around 10% off + (stupid pricing for apparently current season, which was bollocks as the g/f picked up some trousers that were from last summer and they wanted £220 for them)

suits have been split so it was some find trying to locate a match, but I picked out a 3 button jacket which was £120 and the trousers were £80, and although I liked it it wasn't such a bargain. Plenty of blazers, boiled wool 2 button slim fits were £60. For me the bargains were the boots, knits and a the odd coat/jacket.
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25 Sep 2008 22:32
cheers for the rundown, im in the area so sounds like its at least worth a look
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26 Sep 2008 16:12
YMC sample sale is up at designer tribes. Mostly shit though…
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26 Sep 2008 16:22
disappointed, thought theyd have some decent stuff
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26 Sep 2008 17:23
These are bargains

just tried to order some of the navy ones but fuck £15 delivery!!
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26 Sep 2008 17:59
top notch ^ just bagged me a pair of black leather ymc's, I was going to pay the full rate for these. Now I'm orf out ta get pissed Cool
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26 Sep 2008 19:01
Best wrote: These are bargains

just tried to order some of the navy ones but fuck £15 delivery!!

shit i want the blue ones but they dont accept my card, could someone do me a favour please?
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21 Oct 2008 19:06
Not a fan of Paul Smith but he has a sample sale on this weekend with upto 75% off. I can't remember the details but it was in the Metro this evening, so if anyone has a copy feel free to elaborate. It's at the Truman's Brewery. I was near there at the weekend at Kounter Kulture so if it's the same place it is off Brick Lane.
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21 Oct 2008 23:09
i seriously cant even imagine how anybody could not be a fan of paull smith. Puzzled
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22 Oct 2008 11:49
Paul Smith sample is from this Friday

Shop 14, off Hanbury Street, Truman Brewery


fri 24/10: 9am-8pm
sat 25/10: 10am-8pm
sun 26/10: 11am-5pm

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24 Oct 2008 13:13
Anyone gone to this today?

If so, much good stuff?
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25 Oct 2008 10:41
Anyone know when the next Four Marketing Sample Sale is? Ive moved so wont get the invite.

I dont think they have had one yet this year…..?

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25 Oct 2008 14:49
Went today - utter sh&te. Queue for 30 mins. Unless you want v trad jeans and not so clever suits, it aint worth it

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26 Oct 2008 00:30
Yea, I left just before you posted that comment, j, big mistake. Sizing was crazy, no mens shoes at all and suits were awful to be honest. Certainly was cheap though. If you're a fan of their jeans and are a funny size like 30W 35L then pop down maybe.
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26 Oct 2008 13:02
What is PS denim like?
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26 Oct 2008 18:08
Didnt seem like anything special to me. They had a lot of relaxed fit stuff there and some raw denim. I didnt bother trying any of it on but it was all pretty standard. I guess what they have on show keeps changing throughout the day so maybe it might be better now
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26 Oct 2008 23:15
I went on Sat and Sunday - definitely disagree with the negative comments!

Got a few chunky mainline wool jumpers for £20 each, some jeans and a couple of mainline suits for £100 a pop (size 40 - was plenty of normal sizes and colours I thought (a lot less on Sat though).

Was some awesome bargains when it first opened (umbrellas for £5 and a box full of men's shoes that I saw through the window) but they were all taken by the time I got in there.

Managed to pop to the Duchamp sample sale afterwards. Prices had gone up since the same sale last year but was relaly good none the less!
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27 Oct 2008 13:37
Best wrote: These are bargains

just tried to order some of the navy ones but fuck £15 delivery!!

Delivery price is cheeky but not bad preices ot be had, ta for heads up, just copped plims and chelsea boots