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posted 31 Mar 2021 07:49, edited 31 Mar 2021 07:49
Samurai 710xx
Amazing slubby 19oz Japanese denim
Cost me about £350 a few years ago
Worn for a period of around 8 months and washed once, crotch is still absolutely solid. Some decent fades showing.
Measurements in inches (had these ever so slightly tapered from the outseem).

Waist 16.5
Hem 7.4
Leg 32


This is the 19oz slim straight model.

The denim uses 19oz KATANAMIMI selvage. Using an uneven thread of warp 5 weft 4 woven under heavy tension with an old fashioned loom, this fabric has the firmest texture amongst our SAMURAI original denim. The wearer can enjoy the new and crisp feeling of the jeans.

Specifications include: S710XX19OZ exclusive leather patch and label, iron sunrise buttons, copper coin rivets, shogyōmujō jacquard fabric, and kagemusha stitching.

*Kagemusha stitching refers to when the back pocket is sewn with black thread, and the stitch marks remain once the colour fades and the thread is undone.

This is a slim straight with a mid rise.