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19 Mar 2010 16:38
Bike the bridge tour is great, hire a bike and bike over the bridge down to Sausolito, have lunch and bike back or take the ferry over to fishermans wharf, well worth it.
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16 Apr 2010 15:19
Looking at going in September / October to either San Francisco or Chicago for a week, and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on which is best.
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16 Apr 2010 17:10
I woudl say San Francisco, but I've not been to Chicago, so I could be wrong.
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16 Apr 2010 18:54
same here, but san francisco's nice. reminds me of brighton. smaller streets, cute houses, etc. alcatraz is well worth a visit.
take warm clothes though. northern california's not as hot as you'd expect.
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16 Apr 2010 20:04
rufus wrote: warm clothes though. san francisco's not as hot as you'd expect.
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16 Apr 2010 20:11
Chicago is great, and pretty nice at that time of year. Hopefully next year I'll be out there long term.

Mind you, if you think you need warm clothes in San Francisco…
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30 Jan 2012 16:28
Going in a months time, any good places to check out, clothes etc? places to eat?
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30 Jan 2012 16:32
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30 Jan 2012 18:52
mtthrvy2 wrote: Going in a months time, any good places to check out, clothes etc? places to eat?

There's a couple of vintage places at Haight-Ashbury..a bit touristy but still cool to hang out. There's a good puerto rican place near Ameoba records on the same street.
Mission for the murals and "hella"Laughing out loud amazing south american canteens. Drive by Twin peaks for view of the golden bridge; best time to go just before sunset. Will add more if I remember anything else.

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30 Jan 2012 18:53
mtthrvy2 wrote: Going in a months time, any good places to check out, clothes etc? places to eat?
Tommy's Joynt

I've been to the US numerous times and (given the wide array of food available in the States) this place is still one of the most surprising, unique and enjoyable places I've ever eaten.
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30 Jan 2012 20:07

Philippe Starck revamped this bar at the CLIFT HOTEL, a historic space featuring the original redwood panelling and a large bar supposedly carved from a single redwood tree. It's an elegant place with a sophisticated clientele that spends evenings here for drinks and conversation.

Located in the historic FAIRMONT HOTEL, this kitsch lounge is a fun stop during its happy hours for fruity umbrella drinks. Order one of the snacks to go along with that, or give in to gluttony and go for the all-you-can eat buffet. The house band provides the top-40 soundtrack.

A hip clientele sips cocktails at this trendy bar with shiny white firniture in the Castro. You can go just for a mojito but you can also dine here, with the small dishes served until late. A DJ spins loud tracks on weekends.

This classic San Francisco club was founded by an Italian immigrant in the 1930s, and continues to host a number of artists and events in its art deco space. Order your drink at the large wooden bar and sit at the lounge or at one of the main room's circular tables facing the stage.

Dine, wine, and party at this temple to nightlife fun. Go for the innovative cuisine served in bed, and stay for a night of music, dancing, performances, and art. Well established in Europe, the Supperclub brand opened its first US venture in San Francisco, offering the same service consisting of Continental fusion cuisine that changed weekly, top local and international DJs, and stylish furnishings. You may also show up after dinner time and simply order a drink.

Big-name DJs are the life of the party at this multilevel club painted in black. Young guys wave their glowsticks to the beats coming out of the sound system, while others sit at the booths in the lounge area. Check the website for the upcoming events.

The original Matrix opened in the 1960s but closed a few years later. It only reincarnated in 2001, with a sleek dark interior. Sit at one of the tables by the fireplace and have a literally warm evening of mojitos and laid-back socializing.

San Fran's beautiful people fill this club, as they stand under crystal chandeliers with drinks in hand and move to the music by well-known DJs. The night starts with dinner, with tables filling quickly before 10PM. Later at night, the booths are for bottle service, so if you don't want to splurge on that, you'll be standing the whole time, but that's not so bad, as you'll be making physical contact with some of the city's most attractive faces.
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30 Jan 2012 20:27
nice one jimmy, burt and olraks Cool
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30 Mar 2017 11:47
Anyone have any accommodation recommendations for San Francisco? Going for 2 weeks.

Looking for hotels, or nice airbnb apartments…
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30 Mar 2017 12:19
Mission district is a nice place to stay
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30 Mar 2017 14:19
Stayed in Hotel G right by union square , was pretty good
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30 Mar 2017 14:28
Burny if you are going to rent an apartment try Pacific Heights neighbourhood. Amazing views and a very safe neighbourhood
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30 Mar 2017 14:42
Co sign that. Stayed in Pacific Heights\Marina and was ok, safe, nice and good location to get around the city.

Would stay in an Airbnb there as most hotels are shit for the money
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30 Mar 2017 15:56
Great. Hotel G looks good, but reckon apartments are the way to go. Seems weird that there aren't loads of hotels.
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posted 2 May 2019 01:44, edited 2 May 2019 01:44
Anyone got any food recommendations? Doesn't have to be ££££ just decent food. Cheers Cool
Edit: already booked to some place called lolinda
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2 May 2019 04:24
Mister Jius is great