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16 Apr 2019 12:06
Going for a few days next week, never been before; any tips, places to visit etc?
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I thought the French concession area was nice. Old town is busier and obviously a lot more touristy.

If you're on android make sure you either sort a vpn before you go or download an alternative to google maps - it's blocked along with the app store so you can't even download a replacement when there. Also get a card from your hotel with its name/address to show to cab drivers.

Friend of mine lives there and sent a huge list of things to do / places to eat etc - if you want that let me know.
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16 Apr 2019 13:56
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16 Apr 2019 15:11

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Shanghai Recommendations:
• First night get a drink on the Bund and take it all in. I like the rooftop of the Hyatt or Mr. and Mrs. Bund for their super unique views. Then walk up and down the waterfront, view is pretty great.
• Lost Heaven for good Yunnan. There's one on the bund and one in FFC.
• During the day, you'll want to wander around the former french concession and see the really pretty streets, meander around and shop. I lived on Julu Lu which is the best place in SH. Walk down Xiangyang Lu (towards IAPM) and get Jian bing which is traditional shanghainese breakfast - savory pancake things that are AMAZING.
• Bars: Found 158 is pretty cool. It used to be this seedy underground web and it's now an outdoor atrium with lots of expats. Fun time and there is a jazz club and a club club down there (Arkham) to have some fun. Union Trading Co is great too. I like Valpasso here. In general, poke around smart Shanghai for any questions. Cannery can be a lot of fun too.
• Clubs: ASL is my favorite. Le Baron is close second and favorite of most expats The Edition is great too. This is the "Empire State of Mind" of China, they will play it multiple times every night:
• Live music: Shake is fun for a drink or two.
• Don’t go to Yu Garden! Crowded and similar to Times Square

Apps to download: Express VPN, Didi (car share), Taobao (Like Amazon), Alipay (QR payments), WeChat (the way everyone communicates there - one stop shop for everything), Sherpa’s (Food Delivery in English), BonApp (Rates the restaurants and helps you find spots - gives the wifi passwords as well!)

• Soup Dumplings
o Jia Jia Tang Bao. Tiny hole in the wall. The best. Highly recommend going at an off hour or you will wait.
o Yang's*** Right across from Jia Jia Tang Bao, but also everywhere. One on West Nanjiang is close to work Smiling
o Din Tai Fung. Nicer sit down restaurant. Various locations.
• Nanxiang steamed buns restaurant

Brunch - Western:
• Liquid laundry (make a reservation first)
• Moka bros - more casual brunch/coffee
• Als diner (milkshakes are so good)
• Bread etc
• Commune social
• Egg (Owned by same person as Bitter + Bird)
• Little Catch Poke - near work


Western Food Favs
• Liquid Laundry. Contemporary European, really fun and casual atmosphere. My overall favorite restaurant in the city.
• Commune Social. Incredible creative food. They don't take reservations, so I would go on an off night.
• The Cannery. Very trendy seafood restaurant, mostly imported from Canada. Largest bourbon selection in Shanghai.
• Bird - need a res - book through bon app
• – Egg is Bird’s sister company brunch spot.
• POP. This is probably my favorite of the overpriced Bund restaurants. If you want the most overpriced and well-known, I'd head to Mr. and Mrs. Bund.
• Scarpetta. My favorite Italian in the city. Order the rib for 2 people.
• Coquille. Another delicious seafood place, same owner as Scarpetta.
• Element Fresh - Good western basics
• Green + Safe - fusion
• Hunter Gatherer - Best Western food - healthy
• Diner Shanghai
• Pizza marzano
• The Cut - Steak + Fries
• Hey Tea - My favorite fruit drinks!
• Bordertown Tex Mex - my favorite Mex place here.
• Tribe Organic - Almond Flour Pizza!
• Found 158
o Hooked
o Los Santos
• Funkadeli
Chinese/Asian Food
• Mauriya. My favorite Sichuan cuisine.
• Shintori - Absolutely BEST Japanese GO HERE.
• Jianguo 328. Another small Shanghainese place.
• Table No. 1. South Bund area European spot.
• Fu 1039. Best Shanghainese in the city. In an old lane house down an alley. Very stale atmosphere but food is amazing.
• Lost Heaven (two locations, one on the Bund and one in the French Concession). Great Yunnan cuisine.
• Xibo. My favorite Xinjiang cuisine.
• Old Jessie - Hole in the wall Shanghainese food. Ordering Recs for Foreigners (So They Don't Hate You) They book up in advance, so best to give a couple days notice.
• Ben Zhen - super close to ascott for spicy Sichuan food + pig brain mapo tofu. Highly highly recommend and def get the 宜宾燃面 - kindling noodles.
• Le Verre a Vin - favorite small French bistro
• Madaam Goose - Cantonese - Def get goose
• Da Dong - Peking Duck (Easier to get a reservation here than BJ)
• Maurya- amazing Sichuan
• Lotus Eatery
• Gilly or Chili Makes me Ruddy - Great Sichuan
• Mystic South Yunnan Ethnic Cuisine
• Colca - Great Spanish Food
• Quimin Organic Hot Pot - Favorite Hot Pot here
• Little Catch Poke
• Garlic- Turkish Food
• Cafe Nene - GF
• Mr and Mrs Bund
• Goodfella
• Lotus Eatery - Yunnan Food
• Mystic south Yunnan ethnic cuisine with joshua li - SO good
• Crystal Jade - get the radish pastry + fried pork bun!
• Spicy moments - spicy!!!
• Hakkason
• Lou Shang
• Oha
• Wan Shou Zhai
• Raw
• Jeju Izakaya
• Chin Zai
• Da Hu Chen

• Un tours- do this first
o Shanghai Night Eats Tour in Financial Capital near Jiangsu Rd Metro -
 Fresh Bread Roujiamo
 Golden Phoenix
 Ningbo Old-Style Restaurant
 Apple Desserts
 Shy Pepper Restaurant
 Sapar Xinjiang Expedition

• Insiders Tour - Side Car Tour
• Historic Shanghai
• Art Deco Shanghai
• Culture Shock - Bike Tour

• Beer Lady*** Unreal beer selection - open 24 hours- 2 locations
• Speaklow***speakeasy
• The Nest. Owned by Grey Goose, probably my favorite bar on the Bund.
• The Parrot - dancing
• The Botanist - cocktails
• Taste Buds - speakeasy
• Shrine - speakeasy
• Bar No. 3 - cocktails
• Constellation (multiple locations) - speakeasy
• Senator Saloon - cocktails
• Tailor Bar - cocktails
• 1515 West - cocktails
• Healer - cocktails (homemade baijiu!)
• Trio - cocktails
• Union Trading Company - cocktails
• Perry's - if you want to get fratty
• The Camel - sports bar
• Cages - sports bar
• Kartel - rooftop bar
• The Cut - rooftop bar (amazing spot on Thursday nights)
• Devils Share Whiskey Bar + Cigar Bar
• The nest
• Bitter
• Union Trading
• Duo - beer pong Bar
• Refinery
• Paulaner brewery
• heyday
• Shakes
• Pop
• Boxing cat

• Mint
• Le Beron - my fav


• The Bund. This is the historic riverfront of Shanghai, probably the most iconic site in the city. Beautiful colonial architecture, easy area to stroll around in. I would not recommend going on a weekend cause it'll be absolutely inundated with tourists.

• East Nanjing Road. This is a pedestrian street that's worth walking through. The move is this…The pedestrian street starts in People's Square (where the Urban Planning Exhibition and Shanghai Museum are located), and ends near the Bund. So you can start in People's Square (and visit the museums there if interested), walk across East Nanjing, and end up at the Bund.

• West Nanjing Road. This is one of the main commercial areas of Shanghai. If you want to see gaudy Chinese consumerism at it's zenith, it's worth a visit. Go to Starbucks there also. Largest in the world.

• Lujiazui. This is the famous business area on the east side of the river (area with the Pearl Tower and the Shanghai Tower). On a clear day, it could be interesting to walk around the area and take a trip to the top of the tallest buildings for the view. Instead of paying for one of the observation decks - there's a restaurant/bar on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt in the Shanghai World Financial Center. It's called 100 Century Avenue. Drink with a view.

• French Concession. The old French area of the city is massive, and along with the Bund, the most interesting part of the city to see. Beautiful small streets with classical French architecture. I lived in this part of the city. It's all about strolling - not really many sites or museums, but so interesting to take it all in. I can give a detailed route if desired, but some of my favorite streets/areas are Wukang Road, Anfu Road, Middle Fuxing Road, Wuyuan Road, Dongping Road, Xiangyang Road, Fenyang Road, and Xintiandi.

• Tianzifang - MY FAVORITE!! This is an old artist area in the French Concession, that today has morphed into small alleys with cool trinkets, knick knacks, and local art. Really cool to explore. + there is a mall nearby with an incredible food court. Called 日月光中心广场 -

• Propaganda Museum.Really cool tiny museum in the basement of an apartment building in the French Concession. Definitely worth a visit.
• Jewish Refugee Museum The Refugee Museum does a great job of chronicling life of the Jews who escaped Europe in the early 40s and came to China.

• Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition. Museum in the middle of People's Square that has history of the city and to-scale replica of the city. You probably only need 30-45 minutes there, but definitely worth the visit. Closed on Mondays.

• Shanghai Museum. Free museum (also in People's Square) that is full of old Chinese art and artifacts.

• Contemporary Art Lots of terrific contemporary art museums here.
o Long Museum. 1/2 famous private museums in the up and coming South Bund area.
o Yuz Museum. 2/2 famous private museums in the South Bund area. Major Warhol exhibition now on display. Open late.
o Power Station of Art. Ultra conceptual/modern art. The building itself could be even cooler than the art.

o M50. Area with lots of little galleries and artists.

• Yuyuan Gardens
• Yuyuan Old Street
• Shanghai glass museum
• West Bund Art District
• Xintiandi
• Jade Buddha temple
• Found 158 - Expat hotspot
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