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13 Mar 2018 14:39
Any recommendations on a cut throat, Deuce? Been thinking of this for a while as I had the same issues with Harry's
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13 Mar 2018 15:09
Yep, definitely interested in giving that a go so any more info would be appreciated.

A google just seems to give such unappealing website guides.
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13 Mar 2018 15:10
i bought a wooden one like this;

that being said, it doesnt really matter which one you get as its the blades that do the cutting. just get any old one from amazon with half decent reviews.
then make sure you buy a half decent foam/oil so you dont shred your face Smiling
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13 Mar 2018 15:14
i'd suggest watching a few youtube vids too. but it's surprisingly not as scary or hard as i imagined. the neck/adams apple area can be a little tricky but like anything im sure it'll get easier
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13 Mar 2018 22:02
Not convinced there is any benefit of a single bladed cutthroat over a single blade safety razor. Maybe as it's longer you can do it a bit quicker?

IMO get a cheap safety razor and a selection of blades. If you like it spend £30-40 on a Merkur or something and 100 Astra (or your choice) for £7-10. Easily last for 2 or 3 shaves from stubble but for 14-20p may as well use a fresh one each time.
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14 Mar 2018 09:26
I tried a safety razor, cut my face up good every day for a week. Gave up, back to cartridges
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14 Mar 2018 11:28
Went to safety razor a couple years ago, haven't used a Gillette or equivalent since. So much cheaper, and a cleaner shave. Plus the quality of a Merkur, etc. razor is so much better than the plastic rubbish.

Cuts normally happen if (a) your skin is bumpy and/or (b) haven't prepared (washed your face / used enough shaving cream). Probably cut myself once every 20 shaves, normally when I'm in a hurry.
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15 Mar 2018 07:44
Tried the safety razor again this morning after reading your post Swiftus. I did a lot of prep and it turned out pretty good! Only thing,you were right about bumpy skin, I have a scarred up section of my neck from acne when I was a kid and it ripped it to pieces.

Thinking home electolosis (can't afford to pay) on the fucked up area and then sticking to safety razors for life.

Anyone done electrolosis at home?