Random Questions: Shaving

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17 May 2020 17:36
Actually quite liked Harry's razors, haven't cut myself at all. Got a bit sick of the oneblade not really shaving beyond stubble trim
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22 May 2020 15:10
Used a OneBlade for the first time today; haven't shaved in years, just been managing stubble using clippers so thought it'd be a sound investment. Accidentally went at my chin without the attachment so came outta the shower fully shaved - it's not a clean, CLEAN shave but it's pretty close to be fair (that said I'll be back to stubble asap!).

The game changer is the ease of use with it - no faff with a razor, just start swishing it around your mush and after a minute or so you're good to go. Fusion is still gonna be the daily 'go to' for my head though.

Oh and works like a charm downstairs too.
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22 May 2020 15:15
+1 on Harrys for manscaping
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22 May 2020 15:23
roophees wrote: Just made the transition to wet shaving. Better than my electric, but feels the same as a disposable, if not a little more irritating.

any good recs for sample aftershave balms?

Rather get a good cream and brush.Haven't had any troubles of the sort myself ever since I moved to the cream linked below and a badger hair brush.

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22 May 2020 15:54
Cheers - will check it out. I have a boar brush, and a tub of Cella cream.
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23 May 2020 15:07
Oh then I'm hesitant to say if it would make much of a difference.