Menswear: Shoes and Boots thread

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10 Feb 2017 00:21
another cheer for the vibram shop.
had em convert my chaussures de funérailles into city walkers
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10 Feb 2017 07:47
carl lewis wrote: Ages since I worn timbs, what the lowest that brand New wheats go for now?

Worth checking Amazon as they sometimes have decent bargains on some sizes.
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16 Feb 2017 22:12

Anyone seen any russell moccasins sporting chukka on for sale anywhere? us9.5/uk8.5 any colour/material
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17 Feb 2017 09:46
Only place I know selling Russell Moccasin in the UK is Double Select
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17 Feb 2017 10:00
Yeah thats the only place i could see as well, don't mind ordering from overseas but seem pretty hard to find
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17 Feb 2017 13:16
I have black suede HOBO shoes, they started too look washed out/faded, is there any good way to return it's blackness?
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17 Feb 2017 14:32
Same here - with my nonnative boots black suede boots.
I use Kiwi Suede And Nubuck Renovator Black
its great!