Menswear: Shoes and Boots thread

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27 Jan 2016 09:21
Damn. Thanks
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28 Jan 2016 15:01
Owners of Engineer boots or other tall styles - how much heel slippage do you expect?

Got some new boots and while it's a struggle to get them on, and they fit comfortable in the ball / vamp there is a little more lift in the heel than seems ideal.
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28 Jan 2016 15:03
Tighten the buckle surely?
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28 Jan 2016 15:15
Struggle to do the buckle any tighter (two from end). I'm going to try with an insole.

Catch 22 is that if I wear them enough to know if the slipping is annoying I wont be able to return them and they are expensive.
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28 Jan 2016 15:41
Crackajack, I had minimal uplift in mine. But they were also an absolute bitch to get on. Maybe an insole may help
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28 Jan 2016 22:50
Try some heal grips
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29 Jan 2016 19:50
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29 Jan 2016 20:08
Have you tried that for real or is it a bullshit 'life hack'?
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29 Jan 2016 20:25
I haven't but it looks quite good for a few different things
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29 Jan 2016 20:47
Spoke to a person in a walking / hiking shop and they recommended Superfeet heel lift pads. Worth a go for £5.
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29 Jan 2016 21:14
illwill wrote: Sizing on Yuk Maine Guides. A full size down?

jamintoons wrote: Full size down on Yuketen Maine Guide for me. They run very big.

half size down imo - as you'll probably want to wear them with thick socks because of the rock hard stitching on the inside of the toe area (sold my pair because they were so uncomfortable due to this)
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3 Feb 2016 19:32

Bargain Alden for the right leg amputeeLaughing out loud
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3 Feb 2016 19:56
There's a story there.
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6 Feb 2016 10:21
Know about the usual Ugg shouts, but like these:
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10 Feb 2016 21:38
Have Dr Martens stopped making the 1919 steel toe boot ?
I can't find them anywhere.
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11 Feb 2016 08:35
Do you guys use anything to protect your boots from rain and dirt? Besides Redwings' products I've never been a fan of anything they sell at regular shoe stores, but those won't do much for shiny leather.
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25 Feb 2016 19:00
Selling a really nice par of APC boots in the classifieds:
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7 Mar 2016 17:20
does anyone know where i can get some white vibram ripple soles?
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7 Mar 2016 18:45
A good cobler should have them
du tan
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7 Mar 2016 20:36
I want to buy some Crockett & Jones (Camberley) for less than rrp. Anyone know whether this is likely please?