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4 Apr 2016 10:13
edlo wrote: tried to do a bit of DIY and dye a pair of my boots (they weren't tan enough for my liking)

and they came out more orange than the complexion of david dickinson…

tried to rub the dye off before it dried and now they are a bit lighter but they are all streaky like when you mess up your spray tan

Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to strip dye from a pair of boots? Feel like chucking them in the bin I'm so disappointed, they weren't cheap either… someone hold me Cry

Think it's time to buy a new pair of boots

These turned out pretty good imo. Orange and spray tan version is nice.
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18 Apr 2016 23:01
I want some chukka boots suitable for smart and casual. Something like the ones below but for less than £300. Help me.

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19 Apr 2016 08:16
Meermin ones are decent. I have them, but picked them up off ebay for £50 less than the website.

Quite narrow fitting though so beware.
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19 Apr 2016 08:26
Orange doesn't look that half bad, streaky or not. I'd reckon it'll age nicely.

This the dye you used?

Contemplating how close it is to the curry's - got a pair coming in that could use a redye.

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19 Apr 2016 08:58
Roll Eyes never seen a DIY shoe repair job that didn't look totally shit.

Leave them be. Haggard and faded heat have a charm of their own.
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19 Apr 2016 09:33
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20 Apr 2016 10:34
Best place for Vibram resoles and some stitching repair? Shoe Healer?

Anyone got a good source of #2060 soles?
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24 Apr 2016 13:42
Anyone know of somewhere that can resole Yuketen's in the UK? (crepe sole)
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28 Apr 2016 12:48
Don't go near Timpsons! They resoled my CP derbies with a hideous colour sole. When I complained, they tried to stain the sole a different colour. After a few exchanges with customer services they've now sent me a new pair. The old ones were a few years old and a bit scuffed. So actually, you might want to go there Eye-wink
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28 Apr 2016 17:34

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10 May 2016 11:28
Does anyone have both clarks and padmore and barnes wallabees? I want to know how the sizing comes up between them, have read that the P&B come up a half size bigger (P&B 8 = clarks 8.5).

Alternatively does anywhere in London stock P&B?
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10 May 2016 11:37
I have OG P&B-made Clarks wallabies in a UK8.5 and take a UK8 in regular modern Clarks wallabies, both fit fine. Not tried new P&B but saw them downstairs at Oipolloi in Soho the other weekend.
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11 May 2016 18:11
nice whistles creps back in 42 and 43 (fit big) £42
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11 May 2016 20:39
Look decent for the cash.

Whole size down job?
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posted 11 May 2016 20:51, edited 11 May 2016 20:51
Went to Dr Sole's ( new digs in Taipei, back in April.

Shelf on the left are shoes he's resoled ready for collection (a pair of mine is sitting somewhere amongst them) and a whole load around back. The shelf on the right are his own personal collection of Red Wings for display. I think one of the pair of boots is from the 60s or something.

They haven't fully moved in yet, but they have a workshop around back for repairs and resoling, and a shop out front selling their own handmade boots. He's taken on a new guy to deal to help with the demand for resoling, everything is done by hand, including the restitching of the welt. I believe on average it takes him one whole day to do one shoe, from removing the sole, the welt, and then restitching the welt and resoling the shoe.

If you don't mind paying for shipping to Taiwan and back, I highly recommend him. He's resoled all my Visvim shoes and boots (with Vibram soles, but moving forward I'll be buying his) and did a splendid leather resole on a pair of Dior Derby shoes.

Worth noting he does sell replacement soles and ships internationally.

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12 May 2016 07:11
Always found them really great to deal with…
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12 May 2016 09:55
Cost of resole + shipping?
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12 May 2016 18:00
Best to email him the details, then he can cost it up for you.

If it's too pricey you can always just buy the soles separately and get them resoled locally.

I usually drop mine off and pick them up in person as I'm out over there twice a year.
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13 May 2016 10:31
Good writeup Rirawin, thanks.
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16 May 2016 16:48
APC shoes: good designs but expensive and not repairable. Fair summary? Anyone ever tried resoling them?

I have my eye on the current season loafers.