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28 Apr 2019 15:09
size down one full size (10uk) on MIE one , asian made fits smaller (lenghtwise)
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28 Apr 2019 15:11
Im 10.5 in nike and do 11 in DM due to lack of half sizes. Reckon you'll be alright to go TTS.
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28 Apr 2019 18:19
So size down 1 or size up by a half. Cool
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28 Apr 2019 18:32
Defo size down 1 in DM. I’m a 10 in flyknits and 9 in DM boots and lows
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28 Apr 2019 18:39
Most recent pair is a few years ago but they fit v big.
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29 Apr 2019 08:24
If anyone cares, found a pair of Trickers James loafers in 'Burnt Sugar' (aka light brown) suede in TKMaxx Charing Cross the day before the wedding for £150. Sized down one from Nike sizing. Fit pretty painfully but feel like with a bit of shoe tree stretching and wear they'll be good
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5 May 2019 12:00
I'm getting some casual shoes for work. The Loakes 711 were recommended on another thread and look great. I'll probably try a pair on next payday. I was also thinking of a cheaper 2nd pair and seen Charles Thyrwhitt have a sale on (plus I get 20% extra off).

Thoughts on these?;=status¤tPageNum;=4&prefv1;=SS19%7CAW18%7CSS18%7CAW17%7CSS17%7CAW16%7CSS16&prefv2;=new%7Ccontinuity%7Cterminal&sz;=90&start;=76&cgid;=shoes

Not as nice as the loakes below but very cheap.

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11 May 2019 09:45
I didn't go for the CT shoes in the end as they weren't quite right.

I took a recommendation from here and got the Loake 771 in brown suede. Very nice shoes. I was impressed enough with Loakes to pick up another cheap pair via eBay. Loakes Epsom with commando soles. Got them for £90 delivered. Seem to be in good nick.

…no idea how to post images from webpages.
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11 May 2019 10:48