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13 Jun 2014 17:29
Nice them Ruben, how much?
Noble Locks
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22 Jun 2014 08:56
So fucking hot again already today. Mediterranean.
Im doing a bit of a fuk fashion survey, so could you please sign in if you 'cant get on' with shorts, or 'cant justify' spending forty quid on a pair to only wear them every single day for four to five months of the year. Thanks.
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22 Jun 2014 10:52
Bought 5 pairs of shorts in the past couple of months. Fully converted to Noble's way of thinking now.
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22 Jun 2014 11:21
Had a decent spell up in Jockland so got a couple pairs from Marks and Sparks, Gant and French Connection ones fae TK Maxx.
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22 Jun 2014 11:41
5 pairs at the mo. Got my eye on a couple more. Some nice joints on Mr P too
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8 Jul 2014 19:33
Can anyone comment what's the fit like on Sunspel Sweatshorts?

Looks awful on MrP

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8 Jul 2014 19:35
A lot of stuff looks awful on MrP though
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8 Jul 2014 19:46
"Team up with a navy cardigan and some Alexander McQueen loafers for unmistakably off-duty weekend cool"

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posted 8 Jul 2014 19:54, edited 8 Jul 2014 19:54
Jesus christ, the actual copy on the MrP site is even more embarrassing than my pisstake above:

"In a no-nonsense grey marl, they'll work with all of your other off-duty essentials, and can be dressed up with a chambray shirt and sneakers when you head out to meet friends for coffee."

Sick! Sick! Sick!

Mr Porter is the worst.

(thanks for the heavily-discounted shit though xx)
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8 Jul 2014 20:59
Sound like the bullshit that comes out of gok wans mouth
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9 Jul 2014 15:19
God they're so bad on the Mr P site!
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22 Jul 2014 16:37
I want some plain colour nylon shorts cheap for lounging, exercise, cycling (probably over other shorts) etc Patagonia kind of thing

What are good options in the UK? Phikz did you ever get them olivers?

Joe Bloggs
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posted 22 Jul 2014 16:43, edited 22 Jul 2014 16:43

Not nylon but a cheap outdoorsy option (They are the original G Short)

Joe Bloggs
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22 Jul 2014 16:46
Also not in the UK so really no help whatsoever. Maybe of interest to somebody though at $54.
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22 Jul 2014 17:02
They're alright, international shipping option sounds whack

Want patagonia baggies in the sale in the UK really (cost double the price here vs US)
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22 Jul 2014 18:18
Those needles ones were a godsend in the tropics. None of my other of shorts got a look in. They're so lightweight you're practically walking around in your pants
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24 Jul 2014 21:10
As much as I am shorts fan, I don't feel myself needing anything beyond beige chino pair, navy blue pair. I don't think I'd get much wear from anything that looked too lively. I did want a pair of royal blue ones though, they had a cracking pair in Choice - Wilson Borders & Co or something but they were fucking tight on the thigh even after sizing up
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24 Jul 2014 22:01
must have 10 pr. what else can ye wear when it's this hot?
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24 Jul 2014 22:06
Just copped these John Lewis & co quality and fit is spot on!;_jtt_v_from_product=un_product_8#page_loaded

In ever thought I'd by John Lewis clothing but some of the stuff in this line is great
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3 Aug 2014 19:29
Anywhere still got any decent swim shorts?