General Discussion: Single motherfukers in here

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28 Feb 2020 09:09
That’s definitely a line from The Office I’m sure
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28 Feb 2020 10:26
MLI wrote:
krisricey wrote: Going off most your WDYWT photos, you don't look 48

most? In real life people say I look 30 (but dabbled in meth a bit)
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28 Feb 2020 10:28
never done drugs, For weak pussy faggot hippies.
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posted 1 Mar 2020 10:08, edited 1 Mar 2020 10:08
I'm 40, single (ish) never been married, no kids,no mortgage, and renting.

Life couldn't be better.

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1 Mar 2020 10:38
MLI wrote: So you're single and past 40? Where did it all go wrong? Or right? depending on your perspective.

I'm 48 and single. For me it's about being so unpopular and alone for long periods in my life and learning to look after myself. I ended up not needing anyone else to survive except myself. To me a bad woman is worse than no woman, but seems to me, to a lot of guys I know, ANY woman is better than no woman.

A good woman is better than no woman but I can't get a good woman for keeps. I can fuck cute women sometimes, but they don't want to keep me.

Fair enuf, whatever, they can't ever unfuck me. Dumb fucken bitches! Fuck em!

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