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posted 4 Mar 2021 23:15, edited 4 Mar 2021 23:15
Aye it's always a good one when bobby comes down as the more casual skaters like myself take a backseat n just sit n watch n get drunk.

Always welcome down mark when covids fucked off n the shed is open accepting skaters again (his wife's put the thumb down a bit on it being weekly). Sure we'd know someone in mutual and even if not it's a welcoming place for all skaters.

edit: fuck supreme for how long they take to deliver trucks, last part of new crusing set up.
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6 Mar 2021 15:08
Stumbled upon this on YouTube. This is the 02 Bristo jam I was taking about.

That’s me doing the board slide shuv it out at about 57 seconds in which is the trick that was in Sidewalk. (also me at about 48 seconds in and 2.23 ish). I’ve never seen the video before so it’s a bit mad watching it. Laughing out loud

@Dreep if I remember rightly that’s Bobby Bailey at 1.35 through to about 1.43.
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posted 6 Mar 2021 15:28, edited 6 Mar 2021 15:28
Cool as fuck mark, skills.
n yeah sure it's him, doesn't really look any different tbh.