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9 Dec 2012 20:27
Yeah, I use that after the cleanser..
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9 Dec 2012 20:35
I cant handle both, proper sensitive, well beta
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9 Dec 2012 22:04
Cheers, deffo going to try those Smiling
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9 Dec 2012 22:42
come winter my face is so sensitive Sad using diprobase (prescription) as E45 after shaving still isnt the best. still use e45 as daily though. so fucking nan kid. fuck knows whats up with my skin
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3 Mar 2013 16:34
best for using around your eyes? been using this for a while but dunno if a cream would be better
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3 Mar 2013 16:39
anyone after a decent moisturiser, i've been using this for the past month and it's great.
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22 Mar 2013 17:14
Not getting any younger so need to start using a decent moisturiser every one seems to bang on about Aesop is it all unisex or what? which is the best one and are any of them mattifying?

any one use this stuff?

also any codes about for mankind etc?
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22 Mar 2013 17:26

15% off £60 MK60
15% off £45 MKBEANS
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22 Mar 2013 17:37
nice one
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22 Mar 2013 19:59
Tried that Aesop one and didn't get on with it. Way too heavy IMO. Shame, as I love most of the other Aesop stuff.

Have gone back to tried and trusted Clinique M Gel.
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22 Mar 2013 20:02
My aesop routine:


Classic shampoo daily
Nurturing conditioner every 3 days
Parsley seed face cleanser daily, this is an essential product!
exfolient seeds, add this to the cleanser every 3 days.
Geranium leaf body wash daily. good smell


Moroccan Neroli shaving serum, essential best foam ever
Parsley seed clay mask, I use this after shaving (10 minutes)


Depending on my skin condition, either

Parsely seed toner + mandarin facial cream, this is when I am very dry faced, cream is quite heavy
B & T toner + B triple C balancing gel, this is for greasy days, the gel is an essential product
Parsely seed eye cream is ok, but very pricey!
lip balm good but a luxury
Deodorant is a novelty, I usually use dior homme

preparing to get slated Laughing out loud
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22 Mar 2013 20:04
Bloody hell Laughing out loud product overload
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22 Mar 2013 20:09
The geranium still is great. I have it as shower gel and moisturiser as well. Also, so is the Moroccan.
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22 Mar 2013 20:13
HW do you seen a benefit from using all that stuff?
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22 Mar 2013 20:20
Fuuuuuk HW! Eek
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22 Mar 2013 20:28
The shampoo is great, that was my gateway drug.

I have tricky combination skin, very greasy prone to acne etc. The parsely seed cleanser is an amazing product, really strips the face back to the bone (lactic acid), but if you do that you have to hydrate the skin.

Conditioner could be anything but it is cheap, exfolient seeds, again could be anything but it does a good job on old skin / post shave.

toner again could be anything (minimum cold water), but I find it really reduces blocked pores.

face cream is ok, but nothing special, but the blancing gel is amazing, evens the complexion, soft to the touch, gives a glow, really recommend that, goes on like honey.

eye cream was an experiment, i prefer boots No7 for men becasue it is tinted, so helps with slight dark circles I get, but it doesn't give wrinkle control as good as the aseop eye cream, however it is very expensive!

Shaving cream is great, another gateway drug

rest of it is just novelty, bought the lip balm to make up an order over a set value to get a free gift.

So basically all that keeps my skin clear, smooth as it will go and protected, I have shit skin if I stop all that I get really bad break outs permanently, so I will pay anything to stop that.

your results may vary. I also like the design, style and background of the brand so like to use it where I get good results, but have drop it for daily use on certain areas becasue i get better from other things.

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22 Mar 2013 20:29
Do aesop do a good facial scrub or exfoliator?
Fancy trying something different to dermalogica
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22 Mar 2013 20:37

very good, very strong through, use with caution!

I use this:

mixed in to the cleanser every three days, lasted a year so far.
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22 Mar 2013 20:58

What's the best solution for getting rid of rings forming under the eyes?

Nights out taking their toll Cool
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22 Mar 2013 21:04
no drink, no caffeine, no smoking, plenty of water, plenty of sleep.

I would recommend boots No7 eye cream

it has a tint so some coverage.

I have been using eye cream ever day for more than 10 years, totally critical, the rest you can leave.

going pro, obviously use this, but that is pushing it way beyond most peoples confort limits Laughing out loud