Menswear: Slim fit formal shirts

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14 Apr 2017 16:02
No val in suitsupply and staff even admitted it.

TM Lewin is decent but same issue as CT when it comes to the neck size to body ratio. Also their sizing is all over the place. Copped 4 of the same shirts and they all fit different.
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14 Apr 2017 17:23
Charles Tyrwhitt extra slim fit, still a bit baggy though. I find the quality to be a step up from TM Lewis at the same price point. Both CT and Lewin are better than Hawes and Curtis

Have heard good things about Thomas Pink and Eton Shirts, but both are a step up in price

Uniqlo oxford shirts (non button down collar) are decent for £25 if you don't mind something with a bit more texture, I wouldn't go for the EFC Poplin or broadcloth ones as I find them to be semi-transparent

Thicker Zara shirts are decent for the price, though would steer clear of Next/Burton etc
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14 Apr 2017 20:49
TM lewin shirts are often £19.99 via Facebook links.
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posted 14 Apr 2017 21:52, edited 14 Apr 2017 21:52
Try Dalveys of Scotland. A bit pricier but very slim and good quality.

M&S Luxury Slim Fit are actually better than TM Lewin and CT.

TM Lewin shirts are fairly awful in my opinion. The quality of the cotton and general fit are crap but suppose they are cheap. SuitSupply shirts aren't meant to be great either, the Suits are where the value lies.
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15 Apr 2017 06:13
Yeah I'm not not going to deny, the M&S range were quite decent when i had a try on i n terms of quality and fit.
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15 Apr 2017 07:29
Bivolino carry the same materials M&S use or use the M&S MTM service and the fit will be spot on. Dont need to measure up, just height, weight and age. Seems to get it spot on for me in terms of fit being slim but not skin tight.
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15 Apr 2017 12:43
Agree with Banks.
While Suitsupply suits are very good for the money, shirts are very bad. Poor quality and fit.
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15 Apr 2017 14:51
Agree - toin is clueless

Will check out M&S