General Discussion: Sometimes a fuker goes beyond the call of duty

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11 Jul 2016 20:00
Free tees?! Where can I sign up?
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11 Jul 2016 21:19
Nobody getting free tees.
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15 Dec 2016 13:41
S/o to Centurionone for a hook up and super speedy delivery Cool
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15 Dec 2016 14:57
Don't mention it Eye-wink
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5 Jan 2017 12:56
Big props to Razorlight for arranging to meet in person rather than post a classified purchase.
Always a pleasure Cool
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5 Jan 2017 13:01
rural for sorting me out sufu guides Cool
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22 Feb 2017 20:39
Just wanted to give a shoutout to Blackham for helping me out with a pickup for DSM.
Very nice lad, more than happy to help and wasted no time in getting the tee to me.
Cheers again!
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10 Oct 2017 09:15
Carl Lewis as always is class. Sent me a Ralph Lauren 30% off voucher by post to sort my kid out with some gear Ubercool