General Discussion: Sometimes a fuker goes beyond the call of duty

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24 Feb 2012 12:51
Sixtwo wrote: Mad props to Zoom

Made me a pickup yesterday, arrived swiftly this morning. Even threw in a disgusting muff sticker!

Top bloke Ubercool

Just got mine through now, thanks mate!
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24 Feb 2012 13:43
zooms running diedrik a close seocnd for fuker of the year. Cool
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24 Feb 2012 14:18
Swings and roundabouts, I get enough favours done for me from other fukers so I'm happy to return the love.

It's all about keeping it in the Jimmy Hill fam, wouldn't do it for anyone else, I'm a lazy, horrible, money grabbing cunt to everyday e-people!
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25 Feb 2012 10:27
Big thanks to Zoom, sent me a free pair of Vis, delivered next day.

Top fukker. Cool
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25 Feb 2012 11:26
PH wrote: Big thanks to Zoom, sent me a free pair of Vis, delivered next day.

Top fukker. Cool
daym free pair of vis
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25 Feb 2012 15:40
gizmo, hyped me to a sale on a pair of jeans I was after, offered supreme pick up. Top fuker and all round gentleman.
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25 Feb 2012 19:48
heath, sent me a bawce pair of folk chinos for nish cos he knew they would fit me and go with my swaaaag.
shit hot they are, top bloke.

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1 Mar 2012 10:34
Big up joe6886, sent me a free jacket, wouldn't even take postage.
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1 Mar 2012 11:22
Anytime MuayThaiPimp!

SlimJim - PM'd me when he saw the infamous COS peacoat in 48 come back in stock, knew I was after one and gave me the heads up. Such a cool chap. If anyone sees a 46 around - let him know!

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2 Mar 2012 12:29
Zoom, for sending me a pair of Nike SBs for free. Top fuker Cool
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3 Mar 2012 10:43
Definitely feeling the love in here Cool
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19 Mar 2012 20:59
My man Carl Lewis for sorting me out with a CDG x Supreme cap.

Top man. Cool
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20 Mar 2012 11:29
blackbeltjones for picking me up one of the floral RL shirts from his local maxx even though I havent got a GJ sorted out yet Smiling
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20 Mar 2012 11:33
Andy for sorting out glasses things for me again, thanks ginge Cool
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21 Mar 2012 17:27
Maguire, for a free calls for a month voucher Smiling
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22 Mar 2012 10:47
radio babylon, burnt and sent me a cd yesterday afternoon, got it this morning. cant wait to buss it in the vehicle after a right few ints tonight.
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23 Mar 2012 12:27
Props to Mob for hooking me up with a CDG Supreme Tee for retail. Thank you very much !
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13 Apr 2012 07:49
Mr W for sorting me out with some tunes from his YouTube channel. Top bloke .
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13 Apr 2012 19:19
Heath got me the apc boat sweat and sent it the same day for free. top fuker.
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13 Apr 2012 22:05
Fläsket for a US pick up. Sent the item before i had even paid him for the shipping Cool