General Discussion: Sometimes a fuker goes beyond the call of duty

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12 Jun 2012 18:08
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12 Jun 2012 18:30
Too Cool
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12 Jun 2012 18:38
Top boy San Cool
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12 Jun 2012 20:31
san you are a fucking don
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14 Jun 2012 20:26
Shout to bakes - ordered one of his TMD t shirts, came fast with extras and great packaging, also gave me a free shipping code. Then when I needed a larger size, sent that super fast as well. Top Fuker (tshirts are great quality and all Cool )
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14 Jun 2012 20:42
Cool nice one
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14 Jun 2012 20:44
Didn't shout out Harrison for his Mocs pick ups

Cheers bud.
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16 Jun 2012 17:12
Brunsy for helping out as a proxy so I can finally buy my jacket. Class guy Ubercool
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22 Jun 2012 21:04
mr w, hooked me up proper on some software, wouldn't take ish for postage Ubercool

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28 Jun 2012 10:02
Big love to tml who bought and shipped me the APC bomber from Dublin.
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29 Jun 2012 21:56
Fläsket for helping me out again with an order from Canada. The guys a Legend Cool
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2 Jul 2012 14:35
aitch for always sorting the Supreme from the web store. Sound as fuk Cool
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3 Jul 2012 17:45
zoom listing all my supreme gear on his facebook page (i didnt even ask him). within an hour ive got paypal notifications on my iphone of people paying me Laughing out loud Laughing out loud and he even bumped the prices so i got the best deal Ubercool
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4 Jul 2012 17:30
khopin for sorting me out with the same toj1 i bought in a smaller size for a nice price too Cool
Top fuker
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4 Jul 2012 17:56
Bit belated but thanks to 6876 for holding some jeans for me for a week and then posting them really quickly.
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12 Jul 2012 19:41
Seenmy for getting the Bape chair up to me in one piece.
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12 Jul 2012 23:11
Someone on here just pm'ed me with a great deal on an iphone, cheers Nath.
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19 Jul 2012 21:55
shouts to hank for emailing me sufu guide. top fuker
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20 Jul 2012 15:48
Props to newbalancedavie for rapid delivery and solid items at a good price
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20 Jul 2012 15:56
hardly 'beyond the call of duty' is it?