General Discussion: Sometimes a fuker goes beyond the call of duty

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7 May 2013 20:38
disgraced_peer wrote: Thanks to haithurimshay for helping to shift my gear
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7 May 2013 20:45
True sensation..for going out of his way to help! Cool
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8 May 2013 14:48
Thanks to Sosa who did a pickup and then sent next day Cool
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14 May 2013 15:22
Big ups to Sayword got me a shirt i wanted and shipped it all to me at no extra cost Cool Cool
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15 May 2013 17:39
Crunk. Ordered something for me using his account specific discount . Arrived next day Cool
Thanks again mate
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15 May 2013 18:06
Sneaker for a pick up on the size? cons. top guy Cool
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24 May 2013 14:10
Can any one do me a massive favour and pic me something up from footpatrol tomorrow
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30 May 2013 09:28
No worries Ciaran
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30 May 2013 09:33
Yep sneak Cool and canhoto for hooking me up with a working cs6
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31 May 2013 21:05
Walt_jr not only did he do a pick up for me, he went out of his way to drop them off at the tattoo shop while I was getting tattooed today top top fuker Ubercool

Also GG again, did a pick up for me without even asking, just because he new I wanted the item Ubercool

This place warms my heart sometimes Smiling
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6 Jun 2013 22:38
Razorlight123 for sorting the Bape mag and bag Cool
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12 Jun 2013 20:34
wayward sole Cool

Sorted me out with a jacket as long as I paid postage. Received today and saw that the postage was at-least £3-4 more than I paid.
I offered to pay the difference but was told don't worry about it.

Top fuker.
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14 Jun 2013 17:16
Centurionone, top fuker Cool
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14 Jun 2013 17:19
LFC wrote: Razorlight123 for sorting the Bape mag and bag Cool
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15 Jun 2013 23:00
massive thanks to zoom for sending me a free ipod for my dear old mum Cool
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17 Jun 2013 18:37
Big up to D_m_n who helped me out to no end with a delivery that went missing in the labyrinth of bewilderment that is Royal Mail. Great seller.
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19 Jun 2013 15:39
MoB for sending me every episode of The Wire on USB's Cool

walt_jr wrote:
LFC wrote: Razorlight123 for sorting the Bape mag and bag Cool
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19 Jun 2013 16:27
Canhoto - sent me an XP install disc gratis, it didn't work, think it might be time to give up on this one, but he made the effort. Thanks man.
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1 Jul 2013 17:06
many thanks to zoom for his translation and diplomatic services in helping me deal with a scottish organization!
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9 Jul 2013 21:09
Bruk for sending me a link for a midnight sheep rolling blazer in my size, the dream is alive!