General Discussion: Sometimes a fuker goes beyond the call of duty

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25 Jun 2014 21:04
Meatease did a pick up for me, wouldn't accept any extra cheers mate

Carl Lewis tried all weekend to cop something for me cheers mate
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26 Jun 2014 07:17
Rez wrote: Beedub for the free shorts!

Just seen this- you're welcome!
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2 Jul 2014 22:19
Sayword for free proxying me my FPAR x Richardson Standard Play tee. Really nice offer and nice guy.

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2 Jul 2014 23:27
I'd like to renominate Sayword for the medal of fuk honor
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posted 3 Jul 2014 04:15, edited 3 Jul 2014 04:15
generic guy Ubercool
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12 Aug 2014 10:19
illwill Cool

transferring my corrupt hard drive to an external one now, saving me silly money on a 'professional' and my mammoth football manager game (report to nankid)
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22 Aug 2014 20:48
yellowpages, hooked me up with something ive been after for time, legend Cool
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17 Sep 2014 19:55
Gizmo… bought shoes from him yesterday afternoon, arrived today with protection spray included
best classifieds experience i've ever had and thoroughly nice chap as i know many here will attest

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17 Sep 2014 20:07
Xos who's helping me out with some stuff
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18 Oct 2014 10:51
Fläsket is da man Cool
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18 Oct 2014 15:13
Sayword for the usa proxy
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18 Oct 2014 19:35
Lanz for the help last week in London Ubercool
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18 Oct 2014 19:43
Hehe. No problem. Definite unmeet next time you're down mate.
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13 Nov 2014 08:19
big thanks to zoom, shifted some items on his page in record time, all with very fast communication
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17 Dec 2014 14:44
Deuce for sending me latest versions of all of the Sufu guides, secret sale 50% discount codes for Mr Porter, Matches and End and a £50 voucher code for ebay (he said he had a few of these so worth dropping him a PM).

Also said he's offering a special Christmas discount rate on his Japan proxy service for the first five people to PM him before the weekend quoting "LOVEHURTS" in their message. Big sale on at F.I.L. tomorrow so hit him up for those Visvim bargains Cool
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17 Dec 2014 14:49
Cool so cool
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17 Dec 2014 15:50
Cool top fuker
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17 Dec 2014 15:53
Fucking love this guy, he even paid me a Golden Jimmy membership to welcome me to the community
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17 Dec 2014 16:10
brucewayne wrote: Fucking love this guy, he even paid me a Golden Jimmy membership to welcome me to the community

think he's still trying to get ride of all those Paypal coupons and codes he has going spare

still a top gesture though Cool
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17 Dec 2014 16:14