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posted 9 Feb 2021 17:28, edited 9 Feb 2021 17:28
swiftus wrote:
Rirawin wrote: Should sign up to and join their Discord channel (if you have it).

Another tip is if you use an auto-refresh extension on your browser and target a retailer's page like Amazon and set it up so it automatically notifies you if there's a change to the content of the page, e.g."Out of stock" text changing to "In stock" or whatever labels the retailer uses on the page. I've used this one in the past and found out to be a bit quicker than Stockinformer as there's less latency between the change and the notification being sent out.

Or just wait a couple months? People out here acting like it's life or death that they get it right NOW

I'm not after one myself, but sharing knowledge of the methods I used to purchase a Nintendo Switch back in April last year to kill some lockdown boredom. Of course I could have waited until September/October when stocks were better, but where's the fun in that? And it currently looks like stock has dried up for that too.
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9 Feb 2021 17:42
Anticipation for something > Buying it
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9 Feb 2021 19:50
As said already my ps4 broke, I ain't gonna bother getting a ps4 when 5 is 'out' so I'm after a 5. If it wasn't broke I wouldn't care.
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posted 17 Feb 2021 18:42, edited 17 Feb 2021 18:42
Anyone jumped on Warzone recently, there's a new mode called 'Rebirth Resurgence Trios'. Which is decent!
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17 Feb 2021 19:37
played nothing else since it's came out in december! at around 50 wins atm
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5 Mar 2021 12:12
Any avid Fifa players, PM me, got something cool to share.
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10 Mar 2021 13:31
Still no one got a ps5 and want rid of their ps4? Eager to play fifa, red dead, spiderman and final fantasy remake
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23 Mar 2021 19:55
Think I've finally got a PS5 off AO. What's the best game to try out? AC Valhalla?
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posted 23 Mar 2021 20:12, edited 23 Mar 2021 20:12
Rez wrote: Any avid Fifa players, PM me, got something cool to share.

Report to employment thread
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23 Mar 2021 21:38
Laughing out loud