Menswear: Spring Court Vs. Superga

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19 Jun 2014 12:25
Probably the best insofar as cheapish plimsols are concerned - not too sure what to go for though; they're about the same price, which one's are generally better quality / fit?
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19 Jun 2014 13:40
Dunno about qual and that. Think spring courts look a lot nicer tho. Still searching for navy and white on the cheap
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19 Jun 2014 15:17
Spring courts all day for me, don't like superga's not even tried them on before but they do have them in tkmaxx at the moment for £20 i think it was.

Shape of spring courts is better i think, superga's seem a bit feminine
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19 Jun 2014 15:33
Agree with Nephew, Spring Court all the way, although in terms of quality, Superga are definitely built better.
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19 Jun 2014 17:00