General Discussion: Stuff you hate but everyone else loves

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23 Aug 2018 10:12
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26 Jan 2019 09:02
KLF. Could be in nan thread also. Shite.
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26 Jan 2019 12:05
Time and place…. I still rotate SPACE and the CHILL OUT ambient albums, much to do with flash back and great great memories. Still get tingles 30 years on!!? Tammy stuff is stinkin!!
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27 Jan 2019 00:28
Never listened to the music but anyone that records themselves burning their entire royalties and then destroys the tapes a few hours later is a fucking loon or on some serious mind altering drugs.
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posted 27 Jan 2019 13:14, edited 27 Jan 2019 13:14
I met them at a rave in 91 they where completely mental, he was dressed in a jesters hat mumbling on about how it all came to him on 7 disco biscuits when this track came on and everything turned into a cartoon, his future was called the k foundation and they would spell everything with a k instead of a c and bla bla bla Laughing out loud
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27 Jan 2019 13:30
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27 Jan 2019 13:33
There's an incredibly fine line between genius and wanker. See also Kanye, MilSpecs etc
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7 Feb 2019 18:37
Leather laces.