Menswear: summer jackets / coats

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4 Jun 2015 14:07
Neighborhood, from a previous season. Mr Porter had it so may be worth checking the end of their sale when they stick up old season stock.

If you have a US hook-up then a Pointer brand one will be next to nothing. If you want to go a bit more interesting, then a Porter Classic one could probably be picked up for a decent price on YJP. Pretty sure Engineered Garments did one for a recent season too.
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4 Jun 2015 14:38
Nice one. Cheers for the info mate
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4 Jun 2015 15:18
I have a Uniqlo J+ seersucker hunting jacket from 4/5 years ago that you could have for cheap cheap. Think it's a medium. Any good to you?
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4 Jun 2015 19:48
Probs too big, but thanks for the offer
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15 Jun 2015 15:52
Aspesi Limone jacket's - anyone own one/tried one on? shoulders look pretty snug in most pictures I've seen - worth sizing up?
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26 Apr 2016 21:56
anyone got this?

thinking of copping for spring / summer
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26 Apr 2016 22:13
very light, more like a shirt. wait for the sales
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26 Apr 2016 22:20
it's nice though