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posted 18 Oct 2019 15:26, edited 18 Oct 2019 15:26
youngkamio wrote: Is there such thing as a gradient prescription transition lens?

It's not something I've heard of.
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18 Oct 2019 23:29
Never met a normal person who wears transitional lenses…
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21 Oct 2019 14:16
Thanks Andy. I spoke to my opticians today and apparently there is 1 company who can produce a transition prescription lens with gradient tint however the optician said they only have done a few and were not particularly happy with the results so have stopped offering this.

Also I agree they are usually worn by 'special people' so I will just get a pair of gradient tints made up and wear with my contacts Smiling
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21 Oct 2019 14:55
I think there's probably an issue with the transition effect not activating properly due to the gradient of the tint.
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30 Oct 2019 08:37
I have a pair of brand new JMM Willem's that I may look to move on. Where's the best place to start? Grailed, Vestaire Collective etc?