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14 Jul 2020 10:43
Anyone able to comment on the quality of Kirk Originals? Seen a pair on End that I like -
Never heard of them up until today but look to have some nice frames
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14 Jul 2020 11:14
I got a pair, they are made in England and based on price look to be from same range as those. They do another level of handcrafted which are £400ish

They are quite simple and lightweight designs by and large so not a huge amount that can be used to demonstrate quality.

I'm happy with mine tho, mainly as I liked the style and colour and Made in England aspect. As a package they feel nicer than your average persol / Ray-Ban.
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14 Jul 2020 12:04
Cheers Cracka - think I’ll pull the trigger and give them a go
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21 Jul 2020 05:23
Any views on the rimowa colab? Just another luxoticca mass production or worth a punt?
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21 Jul 2020 08:14
They're made by LMVH and Marcolin's Thélios factory so should be a step up in quality from Luxottica's dross but you'll be paying a fair chunk for the name. If you like the design though they should be a decent enough buy.