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14 Nov 2011 00:38
Guys 14 year old, what was you doing at 14? If you knew anything about hip hop you would know that "swag" is a buzzword used by a whole host of mc's before and after Tyler dropped his first track. An fact that he ain't wearing a camp and knee high AA socks is different enough for me in the looks department to question your comparison
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14 Nov 2011 00:46
" boo hoo enough of all the sad stories
I can't depend on my pancreas to make insulin for me "

For a 14 year old he definitely has potential, you see in the run up video how all the material is fresh for the show, flow is on point as well.
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14 Nov 2011 00:47
he's 14 Laughing out loud I dont think 14 year olds should be on this stuff, but anyone hating on that is sad
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14 Nov 2011 02:10
Shoulda stuck to Soulja Boy's Crank dat
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posted 14 Nov 2011 02:11, edited 14 Nov 2011 02:11
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14 Nov 2011 02:24
kids cool Cool
Mr 88
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14 Nov 2011 04:37
fuker wrote: imo that was a pile of shit. sorry.
Laughing out loud Hehe, harsh. Thought it was pretty decent for a 14 year old, especially liked the Joe Frazier line Cool .
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14 Nov 2011 08:42
I just love the fact that he doesn't take his headphones off during interviews..
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14 Nov 2011 08:57
With the amount of shit being chatted in the last two pages I can see why people are paying a score for SS logins. Sheesh…
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14 Nov 2011 12:52
fuker wrote: imo that was a pile of shit. sorry.

Sorry bro you are 100% right.
I'm so soz, I forgot we've "seen all this before" from 14 yr olds…

That's that crazy real shit right there. Bgt finalists over that astro kid anyday init fuker?
Fucking retard
Noble Locks
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14 Nov 2011 13:03
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14 Nov 2011 13:18
I think he's pretty fucking good tbh
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14 Nov 2011 13:23
He's very good, irrespective of the fact that he's 14.
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14 Nov 2011 13:54
2nd vid noble posted was sick.
Dont judge a book by its cover ai
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14 Nov 2011 14:00
about time someone that can rap goes on one of these shows.
carl lewis
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14 Nov 2011 15:35
LA in that last vid Laughing out loud any gifs?
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14 Nov 2011 16:29
carl lewis wrote: LA in that last vid Laughing out loud any gifs?

I have been thinking the same thing for weeks Carl (for reference he does it EVERY time one of his acts performs) it's the best thing about the show (which incidentally shits all over the UK version).
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14 Nov 2011 19:23
anybody have a hennessey beanie in black? (no rape please) I will help with hookups for anyone…
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14 Nov 2011 19:29
Does anyone have any of these? Desperately need one for a mates birthday

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14 Nov 2011 19:44
Got a demin dot in red or blue to trade still if anyone was interested?