Menswear: Old Supreme thread

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26 Oct 2011 15:44
Some nasty shit Duffman Laughing out loud

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26 Oct 2011 15:47
Ah, that's what it was meant to do.
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26 Oct 2011 17:11
the gifs Laughing out loud

any idea whats 'dropping' tomorrow?
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26 Oct 2011 17:17
Best wrote: the gifs Laughing out loud

any idea whats 'dropping' tomorrow?

As far I know, the five new t-shirts that's been up on nearly all hype pages the last few days. Maybe Mr. 88 has some more insight on this question? Smiling
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26 Oct 2011 21:07
I rung them up a few hours ago, of what I know they're either restocking or releasing a cap or beanie. They're restocking whatever they don't release, so if they dropped Shadow Camps, they'd restock Santa Fe's or w/e.
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26 Oct 2011 23:26
Anyone wanna swap a loro piana for my brown snake skin? Sticking out tongue
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26 Oct 2011 23:55
If anyone is going this week, I'd really appreciate picking up the white Korine deck. I'll pay for you troubles.
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27 Oct 2011 00:19
How much are the decks?
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27 Oct 2011 00:27
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27 Oct 2011 00:40
just sold my ss login for a score
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27 Oct 2011 00:59
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27 Oct 2011 01:08
Has SS changed site, or just closed new registration? Think I've got an account on the old one still.
Got a live brief in London tomorrow so if I'm free may look in.
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27 Oct 2011 01:11
Laughing out loud Dont know whats funnier katt doing the mcdonalds hustlin dance or fact folks will pay 20 quid for a log in to a free website. The gj is only a tenner Jimmy Hill jawdrop
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27 Oct 2011 01:18
schtoop wrote: just sold my ss login for a score

that off the guy that made a thread earlier?
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27 Oct 2011 01:43
Am there midday.
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27 Oct 2011 07:46
OFWGKTA wrote: Am there midday.

roophees wrote: Word has it thatTyler's coming down to sign anything you bring into the store. Definitely worth a trip down.

Told you
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27 Oct 2011 09:51
ask black dice
carl lewis
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27 Oct 2011 09:51
There a q today?
Mr 88
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27 Oct 2011 09:54
Isn't there a queue every thursday?

Just take your normal lunch, I doubt anything will be sold out by the time you get there.
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27 Oct 2011 10:37
Anyone fancy getting me a purple Bolivian beanie if they drop?

I got a feeling they will…