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30 Aug 2012 01:27;=&hash;=item19d3ceaf43#ht_2862wt_1186

570 sold Jimmy Hill jawdrop
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30 Aug 2012 01:37;=&hash;=item3a7944636d#ht_1213wt_1141

here you go lurk mate
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30 Aug 2012 16:00
What time does the US store usually go live? 'Cause I've been browsing it for about 5mins now and everything is up and in stock…even the 3-six tees.

Edit: Items starting to disappear now and they've posted up on Facebook, looks like it went up early though and no one noticed.
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31 Aug 2012 17:17
Anyone know how much the black slim washed jeans are?
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31 Aug 2012 18:34
Went into the store earlier 3 6 tees left in blue and red only
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1 Sep 2012 20:32
can somebody do a uk supreme pick up for me ??
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1 Sep 2012 20:35
Can someone put 'no pick ups for new posters' in the OP for me?
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1 Sep 2012 20:39
you a 2010 member you so cool dude
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1 Sep 2012 20:48
a 'please' might help.

Saw the coaches jacket today, lovely quality and good piece for the price but not for me.
Flask and hammer were nice.
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1 Sep 2012 20:48
Yeah, being a cunt is totally gonna help you get pick ups. Join date on Fuk isn't that important, you're judged more on your contributions to the forum.
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1 Sep 2012 21:46
Dont know why some London fukers don't offer a pickup service for a fee. Make it all official then newbies know who to contact and that it's Guna cost them. Would help stop all the beggars looking for favs.
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1 Sep 2012 23:06
Went in today and they seemed to have a few more colours (black,grey) of the 3 6 mafia shirt in
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1 Sep 2012 23:08
First time in today

What a shithole full of nobheads
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1 Sep 2012 23:09
As much of a cunt this makes me look, if anyone is going to the store and could do a pickup id appreciate it for a 3 6 tee in grey Eye-wink
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1 Sep 2012 23:12
They tell people stuff is sold out to make it seem more limited, they had tons of 3 6 t's in all colours today in the back cupboard, the whole re stock thing is bollocks, they just filter stuff out.
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2 Sep 2012 13:56
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2 Sep 2012 18:57
any idea when that striped puffa coat is dropping?
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4 Sep 2012 15:26
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4 Sep 2012 15:42
I hope this won't be the only cw….
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4 Sep 2012 23:57
Anyone remember how much the Bengal-top retailed for? thanks