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2 Oct 2014 17:20
How much was the cap?
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2 Oct 2014 19:09
i don't understand why the us stone island online site has the cap and not the european one…
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2 Oct 2014 22:02
wilks wrote: How much was the cap?
carl lewis
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3 Oct 2014 09:20
Any fit pics from those who copped the SI bits
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3 Oct 2014 10:14
only one's I've seen so far are monied teens and Benji B.
kid unknown
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3 Oct 2014 12:42
any fit pics other than from store changing rooms?
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4 Oct 2014 08:39
This is the only one I've seen, as c-stylez said its Benji B. Not 100% on it and definitely not at a grand

carl lewis
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4 Oct 2014 08:42
Liner look different colours

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4 Oct 2014 09:21
IG filter mate
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6 Oct 2014 18:13
Tried the SI jacket collab on this weekend, more for the sake of it than for an actual interest.
Jacket itself is really nice imo, and quality was ok too considering where it's made. Fit though is really strange. As measurements suggest it's pretty boxy but you get away with it on the chest as the lining is quite thick. It's around the waist area that the jacket fits bad; it flares out around the waist as it has a really squared cut and it's pretty short too…not worth that much at all
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8 Oct 2014 12:45
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posted 8 Oct 2014 22:24, edited 8 Oct 2014 22:24
When ur trying to not catch ebola, but still look Cool

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8 Oct 2014 23:40
Feel to cop for inner city cycling. When's drop?
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9 Oct 2014 07:44
jplxx wrote:
jplxx wrote:
anyone have an idea of the retail on the cardigan?
swede wrote: that cardigan is awful, not sure if youre being serious
yeah i'm serious. was hoping it would drop today. any idea on retail?
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10 Oct 2014 15:29

New Richardson Editorial from SENSE
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16 Oct 2014 11:31
This one went quick:

When will the chord jackets drop? Any ideas? Getting too cold to wear them soon…
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posted 16 Oct 2014 13:54, edited 16 Oct 2014 13:54
Grabbed the reversible Champion jacket myself, only thing I wanted from this season
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16 Oct 2014 14:05
Ricer wrote: Grabbed the reversible Champion jacket myself, only thing I wanted from this season

agreed camo piece is the one
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16 Oct 2014 15:24
Yeah that was the one I nabbed, was nearly an hour later at 12 by time I got the order through.
Visa card failed twice for some reason which never happens to me, went with Paypal & it went through….then when I checked out the site 10mins later they were all sold out
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16 Oct 2014 17:17
Got the famous fuk supreme recalled suede bomber in classifieds don't sleep boys