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5 Jul 2017 18:26
EssexBoyII wrote: I never said I would do it. It was just a thought

The consideration would be your promise to pay said funds
The email confirmation is the acceptance
Why would you think there's no consideration?

My reasoning may be incorrect, but I would deem your offer to pay, as simply that, an offer to pay funds and that this alone will not necessarily amount to consideration.

The automatically generated order confirmation email would not serve as contractual acceptance due to what I referenced in the post above and therefore the no valid consideration exists until that point in time. Of course you can view them independently and a promise to pays may in theory be viewed as consideration under certain circumstances but not in this case.

Happy to be contradicted and corrected by someone in the know though. Ultimately though, I was more trying to dismiss the suggestion of threatened legal action.
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5 Jul 2017 18:32
It is a binding contract unless the T&C's have a get out which they 'may' do looking at them. They reserve the right to 'refuse orders'. That's clumsily worded to me and think the wording should be cancel orders so I'm not sure how it would play out.

Don't worry. I don't care about not receiving Supreme orders. Just a little less flipping profits for EB Cry
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posted 5 Jul 2017 19:35, edited 5 Jul 2017 19:35
Appreciate the suggestion, but way too much hassle for a tee. Fucking annoying though. However the girl I spoke to assured me that Supreme are consistently working on ironing out issues with the online store such as this…
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6 Jul 2017 06:51
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6 Jul 2017 07:58
Will end up deader than BAPE at this rate
carl lewis
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6 Jul 2017 08:26
Do people like Wade do that for cheap pr?
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7 Jul 2017 08:11
Huge sizing differences L supreme = XXXL Vuitton
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7 Jul 2017 10:07
so it's Asia sized then…
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8 Jul 2017 17:43
Anyone got any supreme basketball shorts for sale? Size M, brand new only thanks
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11 Jul 2017 23:22

anyone seen this?

The Vlone/LV collab pop-up's have kind of confirmed it but the street wear scene is now so dead its horrible to even look at.
The forums are pathetic and painful to read, clueless kids shouting "fake this, fake that" and making up "prices" for items they have no idea about, just trying to be seen as "involved" in the conversation/scene.

Since Supreme stopped with the hardcore references/influences, it's kind of fizzled out for me.
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posted 12 Jul 2017 06:21, edited 12 Jul 2017 06:21
Interesting that LV seem to have held back lots of stock and cancelled the pop ups after the crazy first few days. They seem to be unhappy with the controversial nature of the resale market outside the stores and hassle associated with the line up upon release. I guess they realised they are possibly harming the brand.

I wonder if they will destroy the remaining stock or sell it online to vip's.
carl lewis
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12 Jul 2017 08:27
Didn't they get memo from Supreme? They thought they get only the good side of it.
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12 Jul 2017 09:06

That was horrible!
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12 Jul 2017 12:40
Pays to be a proxy though Laughing out loud
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19 Jul 2017 16:31
Anyone know how much the resale on a black and white polka dot CDG box logo is nowadays?
worn once, dry cleaned once then stored in me wardrobe. Still have the tags, too.
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7 Aug 2017 17:45
carl lewis wrote:
LFC wrote: Can't wait to see a full Levis fitLaughing out loud

The new Brandon will come with that full fit;=36s
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7 Aug 2017 20:42
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14 Aug 2017 12:00
Wouldn't be surprised by a karl kani collab this season to go round full circle.
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14 Aug 2017 13:32

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14 Aug 2017 15:27