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2 Oct 2017 20:31
Is that Supreme x Akira thing bullshit?
carl lewis
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3 Oct 2017 00:07
Uncle in the green polo Laughing out loud
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3 Oct 2017 06:07
They only post up videos like that now to stop alienating the og headz. Feels more contrived
carl lewis
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3 Oct 2017 06:47
Even that Leo kid saying supreme is played out
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3 Oct 2017 10:29
Kingmob07 - pretty sure the rumoured Akira collab is legit. i'm sure it will be lazy and boring though and it's not something i'd want to wear anyway.

EssexBoyII - they are just referencing their roots, the heritage of the brand and reinforcing their brand identity just like pretty much any other company out there.

carl lewis - i'm not gonna watch over an hour of those two chatting but that GullyGuyLeo seems like a decent kid and he's still only 15 years old, fair play to him, he's doing his thing and because of how social media dominates the world nowadays he seems to be getting somewhere with it unlike most kids his age. i'm not interested in what he's doing and don't pay much attention but at my age i don't think i'm meant to to be honest!
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3 Oct 2017 10:51
New store opening up in Brooklyn, they must have missed Leo's interview.

carl lewis
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4 Oct 2017 07:59
Swift, he hasn't learned the game as he young and maybe now has seen that saying supreme is played out openly wasn't the best thing to saying, as he had pretty much made his name off the back of supreme.

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4 Oct 2017 09:28
He's a little faggot, who cares.
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4 Oct 2017 11:42
Laughing out loud

Yeah I get what you're saying carl but like doomedYUTE said who really cares, the kids that follow him probably still fuck with him and Supreme will continue doing what they do. Supreme isn't what it used to be in many ways but even though a lot of us have moved away from it as we've got older it is bigger than ever as a business and continues to grow, it will take more than Gully losing interest to bring them down. I haven't watched that 'interview' vid and I'm not going to but if he dissed Supreme in it it's obviously a bit silly of him to fire shots at the brand that he wore to gain his internet fame. I doubt Jebbia gives a shit though.
carl lewis
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4 Oct 2017 13:49
Yeah, no one cares really.
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4 Oct 2017 22:01
Enzo Amore rocking a Supreme cap on Raw.
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4 Oct 2017 23:06
I'm guessing the Noah stuff drops on dsm same time as sup?
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5 Oct 2017 08:16
Anyone have a link for the stuff on the SI website? Always been much easier to cop on there.
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posted 5 Oct 2017 11:33, edited 5 Oct 2017 11:33
Total shitfest there as well.
Nothing going through.
carl lewis
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5 Oct 2017 17:59
You should of reached out to an Italian on here (giving them a little on top for their troubles), as it usually easy to get in SI stores over there.
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5 Oct 2017 19:47
Theres even still sizes available online on the Italian SI webstore
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5 Oct 2017 20:07
it's mirage. Won't process once you add to basket
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5 Oct 2017 20:10
Display of remaining stock seems to be an error.
The German webshop displays plenty of available items but shows an empty cart ln last step of checkout.
I guess the whole online stock was actually gone in minutes.
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posted 6 Oct 2017 20:54, edited 6 Oct 2017 20:54
Jebbia confirmed that he’s sold a stake of Supreme to the Carlyle Group… looking forward to the equivalent of a Supreme X Sports Direct colab soon
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6 Oct 2017 23:34
Who else do the Carlyle Group have in their roster ? Heard DSM, which isn't a terrible sign if true