Menswear: Supreme And Palace Wants Thread

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7 Dec 2012 07:25
I have 2 hard to find supreme caps for sale (and other items) check my thread thanks
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7 Dec 2012 08:13
Anyone got an XL thermal long sleeve T in white or Grey they don't want/ need?
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7 Dec 2012 12:58
themistake wrote: anyone know Lurks ebay account? pretty sure ive just been strung along by him. Was classic Lurk, all interest, asks for measurements, says he's interested, asks for paypal transaction. then emails saying he can get it cheaper from the states.
i wonder if he does this in the actual supreme shop?
gets them to get it out the back room, gets it to the counter, asks if they accept cash… then as they ring it through "nah mate i can get that cheaper from the states"

That guy has tried to offer me stupid low ball offers on all my supreme gear, and took the piss.
wasting my time everytime.
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7 Dec 2012 17:22
anyone got a supreme crewneck box logo in a medium?
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8 Dec 2012 16:12
Got these in a 9.5 BNIB if anyone is interested drop me a pm
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8 Dec 2012 21:27
Need a Supreme big logo beanie in navy or black please!
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9 Dec 2012 00:23
zoom wrote: He just turned 16.

He was making such stupid offers on everything I sold, I just told him to never ever contact me again and it worked.

The thing is he wears S,M and L and buys anything supreme so alot of sellers have come across him and his shitty offers.

Everyone on here should just instantly cunt him off and he may stop. I imagine fukers have been kind to him which has made him worse.

I have thrown a lowball now and again, normally after asking if the seller is open to offers. Lurk is ridiculous though, but as he said 'dont ask dont get'.
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9 Dec 2012 00:24
And then adds 'trades?'
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9 Dec 2012 17:51
whoever got that flecked knit from classifieds the other day, if you don't get on with it let me know.
also, still after a red tartan flannel from this season in a L/XL. cheers
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9 Dec 2012 18:17
legitfrombirth wrote: Medium
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9 Dec 2012 18:55
What season was Shtoops red down from and how difficult are they to find? Near impossible i’m assuming.
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10 Dec 2012 00:12
That is the Puffy Down Jacket from FW 2009, released in red, navy, black and yellow if i'm not wrong.

Don't think it's impossible to find one, but it's not easy either! It will take some time…
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10 Dec 2012 05:24

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10 Dec 2012 12:05
Pm millets
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10 Dec 2012 12:24
volvo mum jacket
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10 Dec 2012 14:26
So did you get a TNF Anto?
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11 Dec 2012 17:19
anyone got any preme beanies? not a pom one and im interested in a predator one from 08 i think
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11 Dec 2012 18:01
2 supreme caps cnn and world famous cord both brand new for sale
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11 Dec 2012 20:32
@ Smoke - no mate! I've been literally sleeping on those lately…forgot the end of an auction over the weekend that was going for cheap…you got one?
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13 Dec 2012 22:47
Got a brand new black last supper hoodie size medium for sale pm if your interested

£120 UK postage free / £125 international