Menswear: Supreme And Palace Wants Thread

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1 Jun 2013 00:16
Looking for any black camp cap, don't mind if used as long as it's in good condition.
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1 Jun 2013 08:23
jplxx wrote:
jplxx wrote: supreme marlboro jacket any colour size medium and timberline jacket size medium olive or black. thanks.
supreme utility jacket olive size medium too please. let me know.
any colour:

olive plain:

any colour:
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1 Jun 2013 09:44

Looking for this one in particular but if anyone has any snapbacks for sale let me know.
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1 Jun 2013 11:14
^ one in the classifieds

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2 Jun 2013 21:29
Looking for this in black in a XL
and or other coaches in XL
Let me know what you've got!
& proper long shot but plane shorts in a 34

Mr 88
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3 Jun 2013 07:53
Black 5-Panels / Mesh / 6P consider any predating f/w 2011, specifically:

Land of The Free - Black

Bone (BTNH) - Black

Seek & Destroy - Black

Eagle Patch - Black

Thanks For The Memory - Black

GYST - Black

Battle Ready Military (See You In Hell) - Black

Down So Long - Black

Black Dragon Kung Fu - Black

Indian - Black

Highly Decorated - Black

Tee's L / XL (Any colour, unless specified):

Ali vs Frazier Thriller In Manilla

Ali vs Superman

Ali (Sequence)


Raging Bull (Jake LaMotta)

Ethiopia (black / small)

Haile Selassie

Suck My Cunt (Black / White / Grey)

(will update)

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3 Jun 2013 14:37
Copper wrote: ^ one in the classifieds

It's already sold.
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3 Jun 2013 15:04
On the look out for a Supreme Backpack preferably Black but will consider any
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6 Jun 2013 08:40
Just a heads up. I'm selling a few Supreme/Palace bits here:

Might be of interest to this thread.
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10 Jun 2013 21:42
This season melange camp cap, any colour whatever you've got? Prefer swaps but will pay non-rape Cool
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11 Jun 2013 01:04
Looking for the regular Palace tri-ferg tee in a size Small. doesn't matter which color.
Hit me up!
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11 Jun 2013 07:55
Kingston Tank Size Large if anyone got one Pm please.
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11 Jun 2013 09:48
krisricey wrote: swaps

Laughing out loud
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12 Jun 2013 09:25
this in XL, either colour. willing to pay rape price.

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13 Jun 2013 12:39
supreme x hanes. white. small. would love a full pack.
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13 Jun 2013 21:34
Looking for this in a large or XL, black.
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14 Jun 2013 10:06
Anto wrote: Long shot (and €€€€) but…

Supreme x Visvim Tradesman jacket - L - black

Supreme x TNF Mountain jacket - M/L - black

Supreme x Clarks Desert Mali Boots - UK 8.5/9 - Black\Burgundy
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15 Jun 2013 08:28
jplxx wrote:
Kieran wrote:
jplxx wrote: Do the supreme x Hanes tees shrink in the wash? Got a set the other day and they are too long for me. I may sell my 3 pack medium white if anyone's interested. Still bagged and one Tshirt has been tried on that's it.

thought mine were huge when i first got them seemed to shrink a bit
man i washed my tshirts and now they are like the best fitting tshirts ever. is there any chance someone can do a pick up for a set of black tees in a medium? big favour. let me know cheers.
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17 Jun 2013 15:36
Watershorts from SS13 to fit medium/large please.
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20 Jun 2013 12:24
does anyone have the supreme kuumba incense pack?