Menswear: Supreme And Palace Wants Thread

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10 Apr 2015 19:41
Hawaiian shirts medium, orange coach - medium, trenches medium.
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13 Apr 2015 09:16
Supreme dust bags if you have any
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13 Apr 2015 09:52
Looking for this in XL or L? Anyone?
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14 Apr 2015 14:14
Longshot but if anyone has a SupremeXstoneisland black ls tee in S and wants to sell/trade with a M pm me
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14 Apr 2015 16:32

Need recently dropped Terrry Football Top Large Grey/Navy, also Overdyed Tee Large Indigo
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14 Apr 2015 22:22
On the hunt for a Supreme MA1 or Blood Chit in Large please
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16 Apr 2015 11:58
Alfie1 wrote: Got that trench size xl Dswt if your interested Es?
how much Alfie?
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23 Apr 2015 01:56
es20g13 wrote:
Alfie1 wrote: Got that trench size xl Dswt if your interested Es?
how much Alfie?
H/o is £300 including paypal fee's & postage
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23 Apr 2015 01:57
Anyone interested in these before I throw them in the classifieds on the weekend?
Sup Visvim tradesman jacket tan c/w size m
Recalled suede bomber tan size m
Burgundy wet weather parka size small but fits like a m
And burgundy MA-1 size m
Pm if so.
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23 Apr 2015 11:05
looking for palace tri-tshirts in size L, cheap just to skate in.
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23 Apr 2015 12:54
Palace Hermes tee in M , probs gonna be used for festivals/lounging so condition don't have to be all that …
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25 Apr 2015 20:29
Supreme shark long sleeve in black or white. Size medium. Prefer new
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26 Apr 2015 11:10
Need all items in size medium unless stated otherwise please either pm me or will trade the items I have listed for items below
OG Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Any Box logo's no 20th anniversary
Mr Cartoon
Any Cost tee's
The kids will have there say
Lou reed
Bored to death
Dead presidents
Mike Tyson
Land of opportunity
They hate us we hate them
no gods no master
illegal business
Cut the crap
Any Lary Clark tee's
Goodfella's gangster
Neil young (black preferred)
OG Leopard tee
Olive or white zebra tee
Flag print tee
Apache L/s
Classic logo L/s
L/s Polo

Tron flannel
Red ombre
Yellow ombre
White Tarton
Navy Guide Plaid
Snow white oxford
Polka dot oxford
Paisley Oxford
Budweiser Oxford
White eyes oxford
White or Light blue fishbones oxford

White or black rose jersey
Hennessy Jersey any colour
Thunderbird Hockey top
Burgundy Hooded hockey top
Hennessy Baseball jersey
Black Pinstripe jersey

Grey astronaut pullover large
Burgundy box logo medium or if it fits small large.
Classic Logo OG one only any colour medium
Motion Logo any colour medium

Duck camo expediton will also take size small.
Navy patches coach jacket.
Leopard M51

Leopard backpack
Black stars. (leopard is priority though)

Black snakeskin old skool's size US10
Black PCL SK8 HI's size US10
White/Red old skool's (ss2011) US10
Blazers white>red>black in that order US10

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26 Apr 2015 11:14
Laughing out loud
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26 Apr 2015 11:42
Laughing out loud
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26 Apr 2015 11:44
just missed Schtoop's annual clear out pal
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26 Apr 2015 12:45
This guy Laughing out loud
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26 Apr 2015 13:20
Is anyone going to the new palace store and able to grab me a cap?
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26 Apr 2015 15:57
^ Has anyone been and know what they got left? Presume it got rinsed on day one
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posted 26 Apr 2015 16:19, edited 26 Apr 2015 16:19
Think they had quite a lot of stock originally. Apparently smaller sizes are running low but I think most things are available still in L or XL. All the caps should be there still, but I assume not for long.
This is a pic of the tees I saw on an FB group today not really sure which have sold out, seems like most of the store exclusive ones are still there but stock is starting to run low.
edit Shawn Powers tee sold out now.