Menswear: Sweatshirt recommendations

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5 Apr 2012 23:07
Looked for a sweatshirt thread, couldn't find one.

Looking for recommendations for a quality, simple, modern fit loopback light grey plain sweatshirt.

How do Real McCoys and Buzz Ricksons fit, TTS? Best quality I've tried so far has been MHL - Made in UK loopback sweats from a few years back were fantastic quality but really huge fit, properly vintage.

Recommended stores too please. Preferably around a ton or less. Ta.

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5 Apr 2012 23:10
OL great sweat is good for the price.
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5 Apr 2012 23:11
uniqlo sweats are decent quality for bre cheap
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5 Apr 2012 23:35
Few codes going around, ordered an OL great sweat for £66 shipped from Tres Bien

Otherwise Uniqlo are good for £20, as squf said.
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9 May 2012 07:07
I found a place in Leeds that sell very good quality sweatshirts.
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9 May 2012 09:18
Buzz and McCoys fit real small (jap sizing).
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9 May 2012 09:33
not sure i agree with that.
the real mccoys ones are a bit shorter than other sweats but otherwise i'd say they fit true.
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9 May 2012 09:42
Buzz aint small its miniscule Laughing out loud
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9 May 2012 10:02
Reigning Champ are nice too. Much prefer my RC x Gastown to the OL great sweat I've got
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10 May 2012 11:57
Buzz generally come up a bit small, but i think its due to the short vintage fit. Sleeves are quite fitted too. Heritage Research academy sweater quality is amazing slightly relaxed fit on sleeves and shoulder but good shape. fits tts. Am currently having the same dilemma too. Tried a nice fit LVC sport sweat the other day. Try great range there.
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10 May 2012 11:59
What are people's thoughts on the short sleeve sweats? Pointless?
Mr 88
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10 May 2012 12:04
Go with a Real McCoy's.
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10 May 2012 13:30
Rez, I've been looking to get one, but without ribbed on the sleeves, something like this:

Can't remember where, but I recently saw a short sleeve sweater with a long sleeve waffle knit underneath which looked cool (might have been the latest Inventory mag?).
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posted 10 May 2012 14:10, edited 10 May 2012 14:10
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10 May 2012 14:14
Happy chappy is the owner of that store (and quite possibly mancabouttown, although he's covered his tracks if he is).
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10 May 2012 16:00
Just posted this in wants, but since this thread is of a similar nature, i thought Id post it here too.

Anyone got a Maharishi Apocalypse Desert Sweat from last summer they wanna sell? Medium or small depending on fit.
Also looking for Buzz Rickson sweat, again last season with US ARMY PARATROOPERS FORT BRAGG print prefer size L but could take a M if anyone has one. No pictures as my computer is playing up so having to post this from my mobile. cheers
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10 May 2012 16:04
I recently bought a sunspel sweat, really nice material and fit, better than OL great sweat in my opinion. Cost around £100 delivered.

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10 May 2012 16:11
How tall are you Ju?
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10 May 2012 16:12
5'9, got a size small
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10 May 2012 16:17
Not liking the wizzards sleeve on that. Colour looks nice. Am I right in thinking Sunspel are not made in UK any more?