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24 May 2006 22:39
I'm really strugglin to find tee's I like!

I either wear tee's which are plain or have some interesting image on them without major logos.

I want tee's with descent designs on like the SOS ones or similar to the ones found on threadless. I'm also after tees which are round neck but have that V down the front.

I'm still after the Kate Moss and Kiss Supreme tee's also if any1 knows where i can get 1.

Rirawin what was that website u were pushin the other week? I dint like there logo much tho but designs were cool… EIO or soemthing?

Let me see some pics Smiling
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24 May 2006 22:39

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24 May 2006 22:40

rocky raccoon
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24 May 2006 22:45
how much is delivery from there? is there an ebay shop or anything? got paypal mony burning a hole in my pocket!
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24 May 2006 22:49
they take paypal on their site…
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25 May 2006 11:59
I'm plugging now…

Check out some of my tees.

This comes without the text now

Shameless I know but fuck it! I take paypal too!
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25 May 2006 14:15
i emailed eio about a week ago r.e what they've got in stock etc.. and no reply as yet
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25 May 2006 14:25
suck you mom, when u down brick lane next?

popped down last sun but didn't see yours about.

prices inc p&p? or i'll probably come get one on sun if ur selling them..

more than 15 characters for a signature? wowee
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25 May 2006 15:20

I should be in Bricklane the week after next.
If you can't wait until then prices are £20 inc P&P.

Let me know if your interested.
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25 May 2006 15:25
Nice tees suck your mum Smiling

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25 May 2006 15:35

Cheap and cheerfull.
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25 May 2006 17:02
Krate wrote: Nice tees suck your mum Smiling



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